The picture you see at the top of this blog is of my husband, Tim Jobe, Frieda on the left, Peanut on the right, and our child Cooper when he was about three years old. I was walking behind with another one of our horses, Zeus, and quickly snapped a photo of this moment in heaven on my phone. 


This moment lives on because it lives within me – it is part of every interaction I have. I try to allow the connection felt deep in my cells, found in moments like these, to inform every decision we make in Natural Lifemanship…even the decision we made this year to go virtual with our conference.   


If you want to know what to expect from the conference this year, I invite you to sense into this photo and embody this moment in time with me. With us.  


Breathe it in.






Slow down.  




In this moment, feel your connection to our little family. To your body. To your community. To the NL community.


Maybe explore these questions. . . What do you notice in your body?  Where do you feel that in your body?  What is the shape? Color? Texture? Sound?  What do you taste? Smell? Hear? Feel? When you notice that, what do you notice next?  And then next? And then next? Notice it all – around you and inside you.


Breathe it in, because this is a small taste of the connection we intend to create virtually through our conference this year. This photo represents the connection we carry for you and your clients, deep in our hearts, as we plan and prepare. I pray that as you sense into this moment with me, you become profoundly aware of how interconnected we really are.  


Goodness, 2020 thus far has brought immediate, and disparate change across the world, across the country, and across our individual lives. The nature of the pandemic has left us bound to our homes, sequestered from our places of work, of study, of worship, of life, of healing, of community. 


It is important that we acknowledge our physical separations AND fiercely endeavor upon a journey to recognize the boundless connections we maintain in our hearts without access to physical interaction.


2020 has taught us how interconnected we really are

Our virtual conference is a testament to that. From October 21st through the 25th, we will be streaming live daily healing practices, keynote presentations, workshops, performances and horse-human interactions. We are engaging in real time through a digital interface, grounding ourselves and connecting with each other through movement and rhythm. 


We can and we will heal in community, because it is through relationships that we heal, grow, and transform! If you’ve been with us for long, this is not news, but it is during the hardest of times that we are challenged to hold fast to what we know to be true, and practice what we preach.


Interconnected 2020 is an opportunity to engage, learn from the industry’s most illustrious speakers and practitioners, and earn up to 75 hours of CEs available through NBCC and NAADAC. (We’re diligently working to also be able to offer CEs through NASW…stay tuned!)  There are 75 workshops!  SEVENTY FIVE!


By participating in the conference, you will have access to over 90 hours of rich material from a variety of experts in the field on topics such as energetic and nutritional healing, attachment styles, horse behavior, consent, playfulness, movement, and so much more!  


Seriously y’all, check out the workshops, they are SO good!  We have chosen each workshop with you, your clients, and your legacy in this world in the forefront of our minds.

See the Conference Agenda here!


Natural Lifemanship Conference is a must attend conference! Not only will you come away with a ton of knowledge, you will leave with new friends, new connections and a joyous soul!”

– Rebecca J. Hubbard, Owner, Pecan Creek Ranch



A Truly Experiential Event

We are definitely going to miss being together in person this year. But now more than ever, it’s critical that we find ways to be interconnected even when we’re not physically together. With that in mind, we’ve woven experiential opportunities into each day of the conference.


Not only will the conference be live, it will also include horse-human interactions (including client sessions!) in nearly every session.  We are filming these beforehand given that getting the internet out to our horses is often challenging.  These videos will be watched and discussed during workshops – I’m so excited about this!  


Our incredible lineup of speakers will guide you in real-time to practice embodying healing through rhythm, movement, and connection to yourself and others.


This will be an experience like no other! Truly!


Building Your Conference Agenda


We know that five whole days to attend a conference may not be feasible for all practitioners. We want to be accessible for our community. Therefore we have made the experience as customizable as possible by offering a myriad of workshops and healing practices throughout the day for you to choose from.  There will typically be 3 workshops happening at a time! 


  • Through our Community Pass, you’ll have live access to the keynote speakers, at 9:15-10:45 each day. 
  • The All-Access Pass allows you to enjoy each live section offered throughout the day according to your time and interest.  You will typically choose from three different workshops – choose what is best for you and your practice!
  • And the VIP Pass offers you live access to each section of the conference each day, and recordings of the entire conference until January 31st, 2021, so you can revisit or explore the conference courses. 


Still need to purchase your ticket? Grab yours here. 


With each pass, you’ll have the opportunity to participate and earn CE hours. There are 90 hours of enriching material for you to enjoy and learn from! 



Check out our agenda and register today! 


The conference will be a full brain and body experience – no doubt.  I hope as you read this you were able to sense, feel, and think because that is what the conference will be all about.  It will be special and I hope you can join us!