The Impact and Mechanisms of Change of Natural Lifemanship: A Research Review

Evidence to support Natural Lifemanship

A review of existing published and unpublished research on Natural Lifemanship is now available (publication date, March 2023). This review summarizes findings from ten empirical studies suggesting that Natural Lifemanship *Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Services (TI-EAS) contribute to improvements in psychosocial functioning, behavior, relationships, and moods and emotions.

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What does the research say?

Interventions incorporating the Natural Lifemanship approach into psychotherapy, therapy, and learning services have demonstrated significant reductions in anxiety, depression, somatization, and emotional and behavioral challenges.

Furthermore, the six qualitative studies included in the literature review suggest mechanisms of change that individually and collectively contribute to positive therapeutic and learning outcomes.

We look forward to updating this review as new studies become available!

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