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Enter a community filled with people like you, who share a passion for transformation, healing, and purposeful relationships.

Whether you’ve been walking this path for quite some time, or are only a few steps into your journey, we have a place for you. Natural Lifemanship® membership connects you with other equine assisted professionals who share your purpose for helping others.

This is where you can gather the knowledge and resources we’ve developed through the years, and learn to implement them into your own life and practice.

NL membership is about more than the discounts and promotions you will receive, it’s about learning in community and evolving your practice to better serve those in need.

“NL membership allows me to have access to content that shows how to attune and respond, that shows the implementation of principles in real time interactions, and that takes me past training of technique and into how to personally ‘be with’ both my horses and my clients. This is such a blessing and help for me as I do my work to help others.”

Jim Harlow
LPC and NL Certification Student

Jim Harlow

NL Membership Benefits:


Learn directly from seasoned professionals and specialists

Our team consists of experts in the fields of Equine Assisted Services, trauma-informed mental health, education, and horse-human relationships.


Put the Natural Lifemanship® principles into practice

Learn how NL principles work to heal trauma, promote healthy relationships, and transform professional practices that help others.

Online Content

Unlimited Access to Hours of
Exclusive, Online Content

Enjoy 24/7 access to online courses, videos, webinars, and demonstrations—and receive discounts on merchandise, events, and courses.


Build Your Network

Join our growing community of practitioners who are evolving the field of mental health by incorporating equine partners into their personal and professional work.

The Natural Lifemanship membership is both community and education focused, giving you the resources and knowledge you need to grow, and a vibrant team to support you.

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Membership Benefits

When you join our community, you:

  • Gain deep knowledge and resources on everything related to Equine Assisted Services
  • Receive discounts on courses, products, and NL events
  • Interact with people who share your passion and purpose for helping others
  • Receive vital workplace staples to help you integrate NL processes

$350/ year + tax where applicable

$33/ month + tax where applicable

“The content available is worth triple the cost of my NL membership!”

Bonnie Harlow
EP and NL Certification Student

Bonnie Harlow

Unlimited access to online videos and courses

Take advantage of hundreds of hours of content, developed by our trained professionals, that give you opportunities for learning and growing at a pace that works for you.

Learn everything from building an EAS business and assessing ethical dilemmas in this field, to working with clients on a rainy day, doing attachment-based work with clients and horses, and so much more!

Content is available for the life of your membership and provides opportunities for earning CE credits.

Stephanie Cirasa

“Oh my God, I’ve had 17 or 20 ‘Oh my God’ moments while watching your most recent webinar! THIS is tremendously valuable!”

Stephanie Cirasa
EP and NL Member

Are you interested in NL certification?

Membership is included when you sign up for Natural Lifemanship certification. If you wish to embark on an intensive journey that enhances your practice and personal development, this may be the option for you.

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