Natural Lifemanship Practicums

In-person and in the moment support,
guidance, and feedback.

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Enter the pasture, arena, or round pen and apply your online training under the guidance of seasoned professionals

The Natural Lifemanship Practicums are the heart and soul of the work we do. It is our passion and purpose to provide you and other professionals with opportunities for exercising your knowledge and skills around connected relationships.

We believe these hands-on experiences, under the guidance of competent and intuitive NL practitioners and trainers, powerfully enhance your own personal growth, and the work you do with clients.

Choose from the following NL practicums and put your learning to practice.

Fundamentals Practicum: Two Days of In-Person Training

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The in-person Fundamentals Practicum increases your abilities through hands-on work with the Natural Lifemanship principles, in an environment that inspires healing and connection.

We offer Fundamentals Practicums throughout the year that are hosted at our partner sites. You get the opportunity to visit beautiful places that have active equine-assisted practices and learn how to do this powerful work through a supportive in-person experience.

Receive 14 Hours of guidance and experiential education with valuable feedback. (12.5 CE credits through NBCC are also awarded)

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship (Foundations, Core, or Jumpstart options)

Intensive Practicum: Three Days of In-Person Training

During the in-person Intensive Practicum, we accompany you as you sink into the nuance of the horse-human relationship.
Apply your knowledge as you make requests, build connections, and refine your communication skills. This training is all about embodiment under the compassionate direction of experienced NL professionals.

Enjoy three days of invaluable hands-on experience with NL trainers, and 21 Hours of guidance and experiential education with in-the-moment feedback. (18.75 CE credits through NBCC are also awarded)

Our beautiful locations were carefully chosen to provide you with the sight, smell, and feel of this powerful and transformative work.

Prerequisites: Natural Lifemanship Intensive (Foundations or Core options)

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