Natural Lifemanship Specialty Trainings

Meeting you where you are on your equine-assisted journey

Having worked in the field of equine assisted services (EAS) for more than 30 years, we are well aware of how unique your practice can be. Therefore, we work hard to design trainings that can help to support your personal and professional life, wherever you are on your journey.

The following trainings focus on specific aspects of the EAS field and can provide you with a more focused learning experience to enhance the work you’re already doing.

Connected Horsemanship

This 3-day in-person training walks you through a personalized curriculum that is tailored to your specific needs.

You will learn to develop a stronger relationship with your horse free from power, domination and control.

Many of our students take this training more than once, as it is designed to grow with you.

Connected Horsemanship

Business Building Master Class

Business Building

Over a 13-week period, you will learn the foundations for running a successful and sustainable Equine Assisted Services business and the highly effective methods we used to support our own journeys.

Whether you are new to the EAS field or are a seasoned practitioner looking to expand your role as a business owner in this unique field, we are here to guide you.

Bettina Shultz-Jobe of Natural Lifemanship and Shannon Knapp of Horse Sense of the Carolinas will help you develop your vision and mission, complete and implement a detailed business plan, and much more.

More information on this training will be coming soon. Sign up to be notified when registration opens.


Groundwork for Business

Not ready to commit to 13-weeks of business building in the community? Our 6-week self-paced course provides the basics of business building without the long-term commitment.

Gain specific knowledge and tools essential to building a solid foundation for a successful EAS business. Learn from Shannon Knapp and Bettina Shultz-Jobe about the challenges of building an EAS business and how to overcome those challenges without the hard lessons.


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Equine Connected EMDR

This 3-day in-person training teaches you how to engage your horse as a relationship partner and support their powerful ability to provide dual attention stimuli, rhythm, and bilateral movement for clients during EMDR therapy.

This intense and profound training goes deep into both your personal and professional development and trauma—and revolutionizes the ways in which you implement EMDR into your practice.

Get access to 16.5 hours of rich online learning about EC-EMDR and Rhythmic Riding prior to attending the in-person training to help you prepare.