Natural Lifemanship® Certification

Access your fullest potential, grow your impact, and change lives with our Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning Certification.

Embody the principles of Natural Lifemanship and learn to apply them in both your life and practice.

Just Getting Started? Ten Things You Need to Know When Choosing an Equine Assisted Therapy or Learning Certification

What makes our process different?

The NL certification journey is a long-term commitment to your personal growth, your professional practice, and the sustainability of your business.

It takes valuable time and mentorship to effectively integrate Natural Lifemanship’s trauma-informed approach with clients. We will walk with you each step of the way.

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“The quality and depth of the courses and consultations is truly transformative.

My certification represents significant professional growth in the field of equine assisted psychotherapy, an increased capacity to partner with others, and the impact NL has had on my own journey of healing.”

Marla Lipscomb
MSW, LCSW, and NL Certification Student


We prioritize principles over techniques

NL provides principles and a foundation of knowledge, based in the relational neurosciences, from which you can make informed choices to respond to your clients in an individualized, relational, and healing way.

It is a process of bottom-up and inside-out transformation, for you, your horses, and your clients.

A certification path that meets you where you are.

When moving through NL certification, you can expect:

Membership and Community

Membership and Community

Access our online community, courses, videos, webinars, and member discounts.


Consultations with our team of professionals

Consult with NL professionals and receive guided feedback and mentorship.

Trauma-informed Learning

Trauma-informed learning

Support clients using a trauma-informed lens while incorporating equine partners.

“This was not my first certification, but it was by far the most comprehensive and personally meaningful.

The NL team has depth, compassion and are 100% committed to the success of both the horse and the student.”

Martha McNiel, LMFT, TRI, TDI, TSMHL
NL Certification Student
Director of DreamPower Horsemanship


Here is where your journey to certification begins.

IMPORTANT: You must plan to work with at least one client to become fully certified. Certification is a mentoring process whereby we walk with you as you integrate NL into your practice.

Step One: Every person begins with the Fundamentals of NL training

Step 1

Before you set out on your certification journey, you must take the Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship training.

Develop a deeper understanding of the relational sciences, healthy brain development, attachment theory, the neurobiology of toxic stress and trauma, and more.

Step Two:

Already completed the Fundamentals of NL? It’s time to go deeper.

Now that you completed the Fundamentals, you can move on to the NL Intensive training and begin the official process of becoming NL certified.

We offer the following THREE paths to certification based on where you are in your profession.

NL Certification is $375 annually.

This investment includes:

  • NL membership
  • Annual certification fees
  • A practitioner listing on our website
  • CE hours needed to maintain your certification


For practitioners (therapists, coaches, etc.) who work with an equine professional to deliver equine assisted services


For equine professionals who partner with practitioners to deliver equine-assisted services


For practitioners who have the horse experience needed to deliver equine-assisted services with or without a partner

Unsure which certification path is best for you? Take this quiz to find out.

Step Three:

Step 3: See clients and begin consultations

Schedule consultations with our NL professionals before and/or after client sessions or meetings for support as you evolve your practice. 

For certification, you must complete:

  • 60 client hours while receiving consultation
  • 8 individual consultations and related assignments depending on the certification path you choose
  • For those seeking dual certification, 3 team consultations are also required
  • 2 group consultation series or equivalent options
Horse Step 4

Step Four:

Consider advanced certification to further your career.Once you become NL certified, you have the opportunity to enroll in our advanced certification process which includes more hands-on training and advanced courses.

For certification, you must complete:

  • Rhythmic Riding (RR) Immersion
  • Relationship Logic (RL) Immersion
  • The Personal Immersion can be substituted for RR or RL Immersion
  • One additional training to specialize or deepen your learning. (Personal Immersion, NL for Spiritual Connection, EC-EMDR, Connected Horsemanship, Community-Based Specialty Course, or the 2023 Sacred Landscapes Conference can be applied toward this requirement.)
  • Complete 5 consultations
  • Complete a specialization assignment

Interested in Advanced Certification? Contact us and we’ll help you get started.

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Here is a closer look at our NL Certification process

Download the chart below with a lot more detail about certification requirements and costs:

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NL Certification requirements & costs

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