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Tools Designed to Enhance Your Equine Assisted Practice


To Connect with Clients the Natural Lifemanship Way.

At Natural Lifemanship, we’ve combined science and ingenuity to help you implement powerful therapeutic tools that will revolutionize your practice and interactions with your clients.

Our NL Connection Kits provide you with the same tools our expert professionals use at Natural Lifemanship, and hours of guided education including video demonstrations with our beloved horses, to ensure the tools are used safely and effectively.  Most tools can be used in a traditional office setting, outside in nature, and with or without horses. 

We’ve personally experienced deeper connections with our clients, and greater success in supporting their healing. And it is our desire to share our knowledge and resources with you, so that together, we heal our communities from the inside out —one client at a time.

Why Get an NL Connection Kit? Watch this video. . .

The NL Connection Kits and the Science of Healing

When confronting and processing trauma and increased stress, regulation of the brain, body, and nervous system is compromised. This is the case for both children and adults. Neurologically, the lower regions of the brain must be regulated first in order for a person to regain calm and heal.

At Natural Lifemanship, our team of mental health professionals incorporated our knowledge of science, healthy brain development, and the power of the horse human relationship, with easy-to-use tools—to help organize, integrate, and regulate the brain and body and build deeper connections. 

We believe the simple tools that we ourselves use will transform the ways in which you guide change, growth, and healing with even your most vulnerable clients.

The healing work begins sooner, goes deeper, and lasts longer.

Choosing the Right Kit for You and Your Clients

We understand that your practice may look differently than ours - which is why we created options so that you acquire the tools and resources that best fit the needs of your clients. 

Take a look at our THREE Natural Lifemanship Connection Kits below. Each kit contains a unique set of tools and educational resources to produce immediate results and help your clients go from a reactive, disconnected state to a state that is calm and connected.

You will find guidebooks, instructions and online videos demonstrating ways our NL experts use each tool with their clients. You can rest assured that using these tools in your own practice will be easy and effective.

Choose from our

1. Best Value! - NL Essential Connection Kit

Investment: $1,450

Essential Kit

Our desire is to provide you with an effective way of incorporating actual tools into your healing practice. Tools that can be used with and without the help of horses. So we put together the NL Essential Connection Kit— to help adults and children overcome anxiety, stress and reactivity.

This kit was designed by our team of experts in the mental health profession with the intention of providing a collection of easy-to-use tools, science-based processes, and activities for calming and connecting the entire brain and body.

The NL Essential Connection Kit is Transformation in a Tote!

The contents of the NL Essential Connection Kit are neatly stored in a durable canvas tote bag so that the kit can go wherever you need it.

The contents are organized into four storage containers with tools for engaging and regulating the four major functional areas of the brain: The brainstem (sensory), diencephalon (movement), limbic system (emotion/relational), and neocortex (cognitive).

Based on Dr. Bruce Perry’s Neurosequential Model, this kit is designed to make it easy for clinicians and practitioners to promote what Dr. Perry refers to as “bottom-up regulation” through activities that engage and organize each functional region of the brain in a sequential fashion.

In this kit, you receive an online CE-approved course teaching bottom-up regulation techniques using the tools in the kit.  11.5 CE credits through NBCC and NAADAC.

You’ll also get easy-to-follow illustrated guides demonstrating how to promote bottom-up regulation and neural integration using the contents of the NL Essential Connection Kit.

Connection Kit - Brain Box

With so many tools, it is imperative that we use them with INTENTIONALITY that is guided by a thorough knowledge of how the brain develops and heals. So we organized them into Four Brain Boxes - specific tools for specific parts of the brain!

1. Brainstem Box

  • Glitter Jar
  • Bubble Timer
  • Visual Rhythm Photos
  • NL Gourd Rattle
  • Zenergy Chime
  • Primitive Rhythm Music Download
  • Primitive Music Playlist (not pictured)
  • doTERRA Essential Oils
  • Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Weighted wrap
  • Words for Body Sensations (long list)
  • Words for Body Sensations (short list not pictured)
  • Brainstem Guide Book
  • Online Course

2. Diencephalon Box

  • Sensory Marbles
  • Stress Balls
  • Tangle Toy
  • Water Beads
  • Pla-Kla Essential Oil Play Dough (not pictured)
  • Scalp Massager
  • Roller Ball Massager
  • Bubble Gum
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Quick Start Guide
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques for horses (not pictured)
  • Horseback Brain Gym® Cards and Directions
  • Diencephalon Guide Book
  • Online Course

3. Limbic System Box

  • “The Invisible String” book
  • NL Children’s Books List (with descriptions and uses for children and adults)
  • PostSecret ®Cards
  • Cowboy Poems
  • Bandana
  • Raccoon Circle
  • Story Cards
  • Words for Feelings long list
  • Words for Feelings short list (not pictured)
  • Words for Feelings picture version
  • Rhythmic Riding Playlist (not pictured)
  • Bladder Meridian Video and Cheat Sheet
  • TTouch Cards (equine add-on only)
  • Limbic System Guide Book
  • Online Course

4. Neocortex Box

  • Hoberman Sphere
  • Lung Model
  • Magic Eye Card
  • Shape and color cards
  • Word shape and color cards
  • Buzz Ring
  • Words for Thoughts and Beliefs
  • NL Skill Cards
  • Emwave discount code
  • Neocortex Guide Book
  • Online Course

In addition, you will find objects that are specifically used by those who partner humans and horses to foster healing, growth, and change.  The following objects offer methods for integrating touch and horse massage into sessions, and for doing brain-integrating and balancing exercises with clients while horseback. These resources include:

  • A DVD with a video of Jim Masterson teaching how to do the Bladder Meridian within the Masterson Method with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Cards with activities explaining how to do horse massage using the TTouch methods
  • Brain Gym® cards that have been adapted to horseback riding with simple directions
  • An easy-to-follow guidebook and an online course demonstrating and explaining how to use each tool or technique

As our Black Friday promotion, we are including several Bonus Items (valued at $155) in the NL Essential Connection Kit!

These are for a limited time only so reserve your kit today.


Peaceful Pals – Howard the Humble Weighted Horse (valued at $79.95) only while supplies last OR Tim Jobe’s simply amazing No-Tie Rope Halter (valued at $95)


Listening to My Body (valued at $12.84)  A guide to helping kids (and adults!) understand the connection between their sensations (what the heck are those?) and feelings so that they can get better at figuring out what they need


TWO Gertie Balls (valued at $24) Attend NL’s Interconnected 2020 conference talks, Live the Release:  Pelvic Floor Connection and Balance, Posture, Attachment, and Trauma to learn many ways to therapeutically utilize these balls.  You can also watch Healing Attachment Wounds through Movement which is part of NL membership content to learn ways to utilize these amazing balls. They’re also great for any experiential activity that requires catching a ball!


The Body Beat – Body Percussion Game (valued at $19.95). This body percussion game is super easy to use and a great way to bring more rhythm into your groups!  No instruments needed – just your body!  We play with these at our Rhythmic Riding training.


A Flow Ring (valued at $4). The best fidget ever! This is definitely a client favorite. Can be used with individuals and groups!

2. The NL Drum Connection Kit

Investment: $210

NL Drum Connection Kit

For thousands of years and across traditional cultures extending from East to West, drumming has been used to create connection through community and to promote healing and well-being.

What traditional peoples came to know through experience, we now understand through modern science.The sounds, vibrations and rhythms of drums offer a deeply soothing and regulating effect on the human and animal brain and body. 

The drum that comes in the NL Drum Connection Kit can be used to activate and regulate ALL four regions of the brain. That makes for an incredibly powerful tool, and one our clients enjoy. This Remo drum is, by far, our favorite multi-use drum! It can be used with or without the help of horses.

What Comes in the NL Drum Connection Kit?

  • A beautiful black Remo Bahia Buffalo Drum (16″ x 3.5″). The drum is weatherproof and can be used safely outdoors as well as indoors. It comes with a mallet and a durable rope handle.  *NL logo is not on the drum.
  • Easy-to-read, illustrated instructional guide
  • Access to an online CE-approved course demonstrating the Natural Lifemanship science-based approach to drumming to promote bottom-up regulation and connection.  4.5 CE credits through NBCC and NAADAC.

NL Drum Connection Kit

If you have been wondering how to integrate drumming into your trauma informed and equine assisted practice, this is the kit for you!


3. The NL Rhythm Bell Connection Kit

Investment: $125


Looking for a deeper connection with your clients and your horses? Our beautifully crafted, hand-made rhythm bells are a powerful addition to your sensory toolkit. This kit is ideal for those who seek to draw attention to the rhythmic and somatic connection between yourself, your client, and your horse partner.

Healthy brains thrive on rhythm! Rhythmic sensory input and movement are vital for healthy brain development, growth and organization. By attaching these bells to your client and/or to yourself or your client’s horse, you facilitate awareness of movement, rhythm, and connection through the delicate, pleasant chime of the rhythm bells.  

Each Rhythm Bell Connection Kit comes with two bells with versatile methods for attaching the bells. Online videos, with horse demonstrations, and an instructional guide are also included.

What Comes in the NL Rhythm Bell Connection Kit?

  • Two beautiful, symmetrically beaded bells with three versatile methods for attaching the rhythm bells (carabiner, clip, loop). The length of each bell is fully adjustable.
  • A soft carrying pouch for each bell
  • An easy-to-follow illustrated instructional guide
  • Access to an online CE-approved course demonstrating and explaining methods for effectively using the Rhythm Bells with clients.  Earn 2.5 CE hours through NBCC and NAADAC.

Rhythm Bells

For those who desire the NL education to transform your practice WITHOUT the therapeutic tools, we have a 4th option for you.

4. The Do-It-Yourself Connection Kit

Investment: $650

Save $950 when you purchase the NL Do-It-Yourself Connection Kit this weekend!  It includes all of the educational resources from the NL Essential Connection Kit and directions on how to create the entire kit yourself! includes the educational resources in our NL Drum Kit! That’s hours of extra guidance from our trained professionals for FREE.  

The Do-It-Yourself  Connection Kit comes with downloadable instructions, guides, printable materials, AND online courses that teach you how to use these actual tools to build a relational brain!

If you have some of the items in the Essential Kit already or prefer to acquire your own, this is the toolkit for you!

What Comes in the DIY Connection Kit?

  • Downloads of instructions for building your own kits
  • Guides for employing bottom-up-regulation strategies and NL principles while using the tools
  • Video-based courses demonstrating ways to use the Connection Kit tools to help your clients regulate, connect, and integrate
  • The Essential Connection Kit Course
  • The Drum Connection Kit Course
  • The Demonstration of Selected Tools with Horses Course
  • Earn 16 CE Credits!!!

*NL MEMBERS pay only $299 for the DIY Connection Kit!  These savings more than pay for your membership!


What are the NL Connection Kits?

There are THREE separate connection kits, each of which can be used with and without the help of horses. These include the NL Essential Connection Kit, NL Drum Kit, and NL Rhythm Bell Kit. Each kit includes unique tools for brain and body integration to help your clients find calm connection with self and others, while providing hours of educational resources to ensure easy and effective implementation.

Who are the NL Connection Kits intended for?

These kits were designed by EAP/L professionals for other equine assisted practitioners including mental health professionals, life coaches, educators, equine professionals, and others who work to support the growth and healing of children and adults.

What are the NL Connection Kits intended to do?

These tools were developed to facilitate reorganization and regulation of the brain and body, making deeper relational connections possible for your clients. The education included in each kit guides you in implementing the tools intentionally and effectively, to transform the ways in which you guide your clients on their healing journey.

These kits were designed by our team of experts in the mental health field.