Relationship Logic™ Immersion

Practice healthy relationship concepts with an untrained wild horse to guide and refine future training, riding, and your relationships with people.

The Relationship Logic™ Immersion provides you with four days of intensive relational work on the ground with an untrained horse – applying the principles of Natural Lifemanship to develop and practice a connected relationship.

What makes Relationship Logic™ essential to your practice?

Professionals involved in Equine Assisted Services often wonder “What do I actually do during a client session?”

If we want a relationship to unfold organically rather than pursue prescripted activities, there is an amount of improvisation that is necessary. But improvisation without clear intention and a solid foundation of skills is dangerous and unethical.

The Relationship Logic™ Immersion offers you an opportunity to practice what you have gained in previous trainings so that you can begin to embody and deeply understand how to improvise within your skillset and with clear intention.

Relationship Logic™ is where it all comes together – you will learn how connection in ground work informs mounted work, and how that connection evolves as the relationship deepens.

Your experience in this 4-day training will refine your skills, deepen your understanding of the principles, and give you plenty of ideas on how to guide your clients forward in their relationship with their horses in session.


What: Relationship Logic Immersion

Where: NL Headquarters, Brenham, TX

When: December 6-9, 2023

Time: 9am to 5pm (local time) Dec 6-8; 9-12pm on Dec 9

Cost: $2,499 (lodging included!)

Prerequisites: The Fundamentals of NL (Level 1 trained) and the NL Intensive (Level 2 trained)

This training will teach you to:

Relationship Logic
  • Apply NL principles during primarily ground work
  • Begin and develop a secure relationship through practice with an untrained horse
  • Recognize and work with the internal experience of relationship building – what comes up for people and horses somatically (body-based), emotionally, or cognitively while facing relational challenges
  • Support your clients in building functional and fulfilling relationships through EAS

How this impacts your work with clients

When we approach each individual, whether human or non-human, with a desire for mutual and secure connection, we instill the principle that healthy relationships mean each can do what is right because it is the right thing to do—rather than out of fear, domination, or control.

This principle applies in our relationships with humans, horses, other non-human animals, and with the greater world around us. It is in the practicing of this principle that we face challenges both internally and externally (intrapersonally and interpersonally) and bump up against our long-held beliefs, expectations, and old patterns.

In these moments is where the work is done.

When you are able to approach this work for yourself, (as you will in this training), you will come to understand how to help others face relational challenges in themselves as well.

We cannot take a client where we have not gone ourselves. As you practice with your horse at the Relationship Logic Immersion, you will see the many paths that can occur with your clients, because you have traveled them yourself. Experience is the greatest teacher.

Why partner with an untrained or wild horse?

Partnered Horse

Oftentimes, wild horses have fewer established patterns (neuropathways) regarding people. Building a relationship with an untrained horse gives you the opportunity to start from the beginning and build a relationship “from scratch”. With horses unaccustomed to compliance or appeasement, you will practice more nuanced and sensitive applications of the principles, refining your skill set even further.

As you practice embodying secure and healthy relating with your untrained horse, you will also offer experiences for your horse to learn to live with humans in a cooperative and connected way—enabling them to have a better life as well.

What to Expect:

  • This is a small training limited to 8 people with no more than 2 participants being supported by each trainer at any given time.
  • Earn 18.75 CE credits

This training counts towards Advanced Natural Lifemanship Certification.

Approved Training Provider

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