Equine Assisted Personal Growth and Wellness

The relational sciences make it clear that the path to helping others heal begins with you

Personal Growth

YOU are your greatest therapeutic tool

    You cannot take clients down a path you have not traveled yourself. At Natural Lifemanship, we strongly believe that as practitioners, we are all on our own healing journey.

    While this work is incredibly fulfilling, it is also a practice that requires our fullest energy and constant growth.

    To best support others, we must:

    • More deeply connect with ourselves.
    • Tend to our personal experiences of stress, trauma, and early childhood attachment.
    • Develop embodied strategies for connection and regulation.
    • Practice being a supportive and safe presence for our clients, no matter what they are facing.

    We often say, “the horse does not know who the client is” because the horse responds to the internal state of each person in their presence—including the facilitators.

    This work requires that we be calm, not merely act calm. It is the ultimate lesson in authenticity, congruence, and vulnerability.

    When working with clients and horses, it is essential to our practice that we continually do our own internal work, so that our client’s journey is supported by the progress of our own.

    Trainings Designed to Support Your Personal Growth

    The following workshops and retreat style trainings were developed for you, the professional, to support your personal path to healing.

    NL Personal Immersion

    “We hold the hand that holds the hand…”

    Professional helpers and healers need their own support and intentional time for self development. This four day in-person retreat style training fosters a dynamic environment in which you focus on connection, reflection, and self-discovery. You will explore your own attachment history and begin the important process of healing early childhood wounds and developing a secure attachment through a variety of experiential practices all based in NL principles.

    NL for Spiritual Connection

    Discover how contemplative spirituality opens a path to deeper connection and presence. Join us for an intimate, 3-day retreat-style training where you will experience joyful connection with nature, with horses, with others, with yourself, and with the divine presence that connects us all.

    Building Your Resilience

    It takes profound self-care to do the work you do with clients. These workshops provide online opportunities for engaging in self-care practices including meditation, art, rhythm/movement, and self-reflection.

    Approved Training Provider

    Counseling and Coaching with Bettina and Tim

    Prefer a private approach to personal growth? Bettina and Tim offer personalized intensives in Texas for individuals, families, and couples wanting to dive deep and foster lasting change. For more information email info@naturalifemanship.com.

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