Support for Equine Assisted Practitioners—What We Offer

A new path to health and healing, comprehensive resources to guide you, and a community to walk with

You share our passion for accompanying others on their healing journey, and expanding the boundaries that have been placed on the mental health field for too long. As our world continues to evolve, you recognize the need for your practice to evolve with it —so you can best support your clients.

At The Natural Lifemanship Institute, we developed unique and powerful ways for enhancing your life and practice, many of which incorporate horses as partners and teachers.

Our unique NL principles of trust, consent, relationship, and connection guide our practice.


Chart Your Path

To guide you in your journey, enhance your healing practice, and grow your impact, we offer the following:

Looking for community? 

Join a community where transformation, healing, and purposeful relationships take place.


Become an NL Member.

When you become an NL member, you get the following exclusive benefits:

  • Discounts on courses, products, and events.
  • Exclusive access to our Regional NL MasterMind Groups.
  • An NL online community to connect, learn and grow TOGETHER!
  • Access to other professionals who share your passion for supporting others in their growth and healing through Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Assisted Learning, and trauma informed care.
  • Expand your toolbox for helping clients regulate, connect, and grow.
  • Resources to support the nuance of the horse-human relationship.
  • TOTAL-ACCESS to hours of rich online content.
  • Opportunities to earn CE credits online.

Natural Lifemanship Certification fees include NL membership.

Want to grow your knowledge and skills?

Check out our trainings.

Education is at the heart of what we do. We commit ourselves to walking with you on your path of personal growth and professional development.

We offer both online and in-person trainings whose foundations are in the horse-human relationship and the science of trauma, attachment, and healthy development.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Equine Assisted Services (EAS).
  • Enhance your knowledge and skills to better support a variety of clients.
  • Walk through the process of relationship building in your own hands-on practice with horses.

  • Learn to effectively and respectfully partner with horses in your practice.
  • Expand your toolbox for helping clients regulate, connect, and grow.
  • Develop deeper awareness for yourself as a facilitator
  • Explore specialized training opportunities beyond the Fundamentals— to enhance your unique practice

Ready to dive deeper? 

Evolve your practice with a certification process that prioritizes ethics, personal growth, and trauma-informed care.

Become certified to offer Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Therapy or Equine Assisted Learning.

We offer different paths to certification based on your unique needs. Each path provides:

  • Experiential training guided by our seasoned professionals.
  • A fundamental understanding of brain development and healthy relating.
  • Opportunities for meeting other professionals both globally and in your own backyard.
  • Individualized mentorship in personal development, professional application of learning, and business building.
  • And more.

Want to learn in community?

We believe it takes a connected community to make the world a better place—so we take every opportunity to grow together. The work we do is especially gratifying, but it’s also hard and isolating at times. Therefore, we need each other.

From our annual conferences that address the evolving needs of our communities, to the workshops that dive deeper into the issues impacting our practice, we find power in community.

  • Deepen your personal growth.
  • Gain tools to incorporate with your clients and horses.
  • Meet other professionals who share your passion.
  • Take part in a movement that seeks to expand the path to healing.

See our upcoming workshops & events.


Looking to brainstorm with other professionals?

Book a consultation.

Discuss solutions and ways to enhance your Equine Assisted Practice or trauma-informed work—with seasoned and deeply intuitive professionals who do what you do.

We provide consultations for individuals and therapy teams who are seeking individualized mentorship for their specific clients and horses at the precise facility in which they work.

Consultations and mentorship are the lifeblood of the Natural Lifemanship® certification process, but you need not be working toward certification to seek support to better serve your clients and horses. The group consult series are for those working towards, or who have completed NL certification.

Meet with a licensed therapist, equine professional, or both to discuss:

  • Challenges facing your own EAS practice
  • Ways for more effectively connecting with your clients, horses, or colleagues
  • How to apply NL to a client case, to work with your horse, or in a difficult ethical dilemma
  • Case conceptualization, treatment planning, and curriculum development
    How to build a sustainable EAS business and other business related questions
  • Opportunities for advancing your certification
  • Anything else you may need – We want to walk this journey with you!

Need tools to help your clients regulate and more deeply connect with self and others?

Each connection kit comes with course material to guide you in effectively using each tool and enhancing future sessions.

Our THREE different connection kits will help you:

  • Calm and connect the entire brain and body using the science-based process of bottom-up regulation.
  • Engage and regulate the four major functional areas of the brain.
  • Integrate sounds, rhythm, and movement for supporting regulation.
  • Focus on the rhythmic and somatic connection between you, your client, and your equine partner.

Our connection kits will transform your sessions.

Therapeutic tools based on science and designed to support client connections with and without the use of equine partners.


Want to expand your wealth of knowledge and resources?

Purchase online courses to increase your knowledge and earn CE credits.

Each course contains a series of videos that will help you integrate science-based approaches and techniques into your own life and practice.

Depending on your personal needs, business needs, and the needs of your clients, you will find a valuable educational resource to support you—and move you forward.

Our courses provide you with a range of knowledge and resources, which includes:

  • How to build or grow a successful equine assisted therapy or learning practice.
  • How to develop and deepen your horsemanship without resorting to power, domination, and control.
  • How to do attachment-based work through telehealth or in-person.
  • How to prepare horses and clients for trauma processing.
  • How to uphold ethics and Natural Lifemanship principles in your practice.
  • How to integrate equine connected EMDR (EC-EMDR) into your practice.
  • And MUCH MORE!

Not sure which path is right for you?

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