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Are you searching for an effective, memorable, and transformative path to personal growth, wellness, or healing from the effects of stress or trauma?

Our NL practitioners are uniquely trained to walk alongside you on your path – offering support and science-based guidance along the way.

Each practitioner listed is either certified, or currently moving through an extensive certification process, to partner with horses in a way that enhances the work they already do—according to the unique principles of Natural Lifemanship and built upon ethics, connection, and community.

When choosing the right practitioner for you, we encourage you to assess your needs, listen to your heart, and find peace knowing our practitioners value both the science and art of healthy relationships.

Attend an NL personal growth training or retreat

Our personal growth trainings and retreats provide the space and support needed for your own healing and wellness. They equip you with tools to build resiliency, ignite an internal growth process, and walk a path of healing paved for you.

Are you an NL certified practitioner?

Join our list of Equine Assisted Services practitioners.

Increase your visibility to both clients and colleagues by creating a listing on our practitioner’s page. This listing will remain active for as long as you maintain your NL certification.

Not a part of NL certification yet? Joining the NL certification program begins a life-changing journey for you and your professional practice––learn the science of healthy relationships, find mentors and colleagues, dig into your own personal growth, build a business, and enhance your professional toolbox. Walk this comprehensive certification path with us!

Whether you’ve completed the NL certification process or are just getting started, you are eligible to create your very own practitioner’s listing—join the community of professionals who put relationship first.