Natural Lifemanship Immersions

Where deeper connections are cultivated in an intimate setting to transform your life and practice.

The Natural Lifemanship Immersions are more about experiencing and less about traditional learning. We believe connecting to one’s own internal experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals takes you beyond learning – to understanding.

Each of our immersions are tailored to help you understand how our principles can be transferred to your work with clients, through personal experience in an intimate, small group setting—both with and without horses.

Choose from the following NL immersions and learn how to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with yourself and others.

Relationship Logic™ Immersion

Lady and Horse

This 4-day immersion introduces you to an untrained or wild horse, which gives you a special opportunity to focus on sensitivity and nuance, and guides you in developing trust, confidence, and a connected relationship using principles that can transfer to your work with clients.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Natural LIfemanship and NL Intensive.

Rhythmic Riding™ Immersion

This 4-day immersion teaches you how to build connections through rhythm and movement and closes with the ultimate dance––where you ride in cadence and connection, with a horse, to the song of your choosing.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship and NL Intensive.

Rhythmic Riding Immersion

Personal Immersion

Personal Immersion

This 4-day immersion addresses the emotional and psychological needs you have as an individual and professional. It focuses on your own personal experiences of connection and helps you to carefully investigate your attachment style and how it impacts your ability to relate with clients.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship

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