Natural Lifemanship® Fundamentals Practicum

An In-Person Experience Designed to Enhance Your Natural Lifemanship Fundamentals Training

For those who desire an intimate and interactive learning environment.

Would you prefer to work face-to-face with these wise and gentle teachers?

Membership Benefits

With in the moment support, guidance, and feedback from seasoned and compassionate NL trainers —as you practice the skills you learned at home?

This training was designed for you. We have created a safe and intimate way to provide you with an in-person experience to remember. Our in-person Fundamentals Practicum is an optional add-on to the Foundations, Core and Jumpstart online options. You will increase your abilities through hands-on work with the Natural Lifemanship principles, in an environment that inspires healing and connection.

You’ve completed the 30+ hours of online learning and reading assignments for the Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship (Foundations, CORE, or Jumpstart) training. And now you’re ready to experience how it really looks in practice. You are ready to get into the pen and build relationships that heal. To see the positive changes that can come from your new learning— while sharing in community with other practitioners.

This in-person optional add-on allows you the unique opportunity to take the knowledge and skills you acquired in your courses, and apply them under the thoughtful guidance of our handpicked, highly skilled, and deeply intuitive NL trainers.

You will experience the power of tangible connection, personal transformation, and professional growth!

Spots are limited to keep groups intimate.

“The Fundamentals Practicum was profound! This was one of the most valuable trainings I have attended as a clinician! I am excited to share with clients the principles/techniques I learned to further their growth! As an educator/clinician/AAT-I, I highly recommend Natural Lifemanship!”

Dr. Christina Strayer, Ed.D, LCMHCS,
CEO/Owner Animal Assisted Therapy
of the Triangle, PC


In-person training is for you if…

  • You completed the Fundamentals of NL (Foundations, CORE, or Jumpstart options).
  • You thrive on in-person guidance and feedback.
  • You crave a hands-on experience to strengthen your skillset.

Here’s what you can expect.

Hands-on Experience: Apply your knowledge to practice.

This is your chance to use the skills you developed through the Fundamentals of Natural LIfemanship and apply them in real life with NL professionals on hand to guide you.

  • Build on your foundational knowledge and begin to develop the “feel” of a healthy relationship.
  • Practice healthy connection with consent, through observation, closeness (attachment), and distance (detachment).
  • Focus on things like subtle communication, touch, haltering, saddling, mounting and riding (if appropriate).

Skill Building: Refine the skills you learned at home.

  • Work directly with our partner sites’ horses and NL trainers.
  • Enhance your understanding of relationships and the neurobiology of trauma.
  • Focus on body awareness, body control, and presence.
  • Become more attuned to your own regulation and intention, while remaining mindful of the consent, engagement, and connection with your horse.

Community: Interact with others who share your passion for horses and healing.

  • Meet other mental health professionals, equine professionals, and people with a passion for supporting healing through trauma-informed care.
  • Experience both client and facilitator roles in partnership with other participants.
  • Build a network of EAP practitioners and like-minded professionals.

“There are no words for the deep revitalization experienced over this weekend at the Fundamentals Practicum. The opportunity to simply be present in self and connect in relationship with the equine partners was everything I didn’t realize I needed. Incredibly grateful for this tremendous opportunity.”

Rebecca Price

Choose Fundamentals Practicum

We offer Fundamentals Practicums throughout the year that are hosted at the NL Headquarters and at our partner sites scattered throughout the country. Listed below are the locations and dates to help you choose the best practicum for you. Trainers may be subject to change.

Natural Lifemanship Headquarters in Brenham, TX

December 1-2, 2023

Natural Lifemanship Headquarters
Brenham, Texas

Trainers: Rebecca Hubbard, Courtney White

Natural Lifemanship Headquarters in Brenham, TX

January 13-14, 2024

Natural Lifemanship Headquarters
Brenham, Texas

Trainers: Tim Jobe & Bettina Shultz-Jobe

Horse Sense Location

April 20-21, 2024

Horse Sense of the Carolinas
Marshall, North Carolina

Trainers: Shannon Knapp & Krystal Raley

Natural Lifemanship Headquarters in Brenham, TX

May 4-5, 2024

Natural Lifemanship Headquarters
Brenham, Texas

Trainers: Tim Jobe & TBD

Horse Sense Location

June 7-8, 2024

Natural Lifemanship Headquarters
Brenham, TX

Trainers: Reccia Jobe and Rebecca Hubbard

Horse Sense Location

September 28-29, 2024

Horse Sense of the Carolinas
Marshall, NC

Trainers: Shannon Knapp and Bettina Shultz-Jobe

Not ready to commit to a specific date and location?
We have you covered!

Purchase a voucher today – and use your voucher to reserve your spot at a specific practicum at a later date.

Practicum Horse

Fundamentals Practicum

(2 Days) – $699

To attend this practicum, you need to have completed The Fundamentals of NL (Foundations, Core, or Jumpstart online options).

  • Experience Two Days of intense training with Natural Lifemanship trainers.
  • Receive 14 Hours of guidance and experiential education with valuable feedback. (CE credits through NBCC and NAADAC are also awarded)
  • You MUST complete at least 4 weeks of the Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship online before attending this in-person training.
  • Training groups are limited to 15 people (numbers could be reduced further due to COVID restrictions or recommendations).

$699 (or $649)

*Purchase a voucher during Fundamentals of NL enrollment periods for $50 off.

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What Are People Saying About Their In-Person Experience?

Evidence-based brain science utilized for clinical practice

“As a lifetime horse owner (almost 50 years) and current Social Work student, to have a program that provides sound evidence-based brain science that can be utilized for clinical practice as well as horse practice, Natural Lifemanship has provided that and more. I could not be more pleased to be a part of such a practice.”

Christine Jones
SWT at One Heart Stables in Wooster, OH


An extraordinary and powerful experience

“The Natural Lifemanship training was an extraordinary experience. The work itself is powerful. I’m already applying it throughout my life, including with my horses‚ and the instructors’ combination of patience, kindness, and directness was truly inspiring. Thank you for starting me down this exciting, heartfelt path!”

Sarah Willeman
Author of GrappaLane.com and owner of
Turnabout Farm

For the first time in my 65 years of life…

Natural Lifemanship training was the first time in my 65 years of life that I left a training session knowing that I could go home and actually continue to practice the skills I learned during the 2 day training.

Rebecca Rust-Krell


Personal and professional growth and transformation…every single person should experience this for themselves

“Natural Lifemanship training equipped me to facilitate equine-assisted coaching sessions through experiencing the role of the client, coach, and equine professional, helping me understand the benefits of a fully integrated brain and the value of connected relationships established through consent. I’m convinced that every single person should experience this for themselves. We’d simply be better humans, more attuned with our internal state and each other’s needs to be seen, heard, and loved.”

Elisa Pulliam
Coach and Equine Professional

Meet the Professionals Who Will Guide and Support You

Tim Jobe

Tim Jobe

NL Co-Founder; Over 40 years training horses and effectively partnering horses with humans to promote healing and healthy relationships

Bettina Shultz-Jobe, LPC, NBCC

Bettina Shultz-Jobe, LPC, NBCC

NL Co-Founder; LPC, Over 18 years experience effectively treating traumatized populations through EAP and complementary therapeutic modalities

Tanner Jobe

Tanner Jobe

NL Director of Equine Professional (EP) Development & Director of Media; Lifetime of training experience with young and/or untrained horses

Kate Naylor

Kate Naylor

NL Director of Trainer Development and Community Engagement; LMFT and lifetime of horse experience in multiple disciplines including eventing, dressage, and polo; specializes in children and families

Courtney White

Courtney White

Seven years experience co-facilitating TF-EAP sessions in the drug and alcohol treatment industry

Kathleen Choe

Kathleen Choe

LPC-S; Over 20 years experience providing mental health therapy in clinical settings, including through TF-EAP; specializes in eating disorders

Sara Sherman

Sara Sherman

Two decades of professional equine assisted coaching with a focus on youth and families in group and individual settings

Shannon Knapp

Shannon Knapp

Over 30 years of experience teaching horses and people; Over 20 years rescuing horses and pairing rescued horses in EAP work

Cindy-Skelton Hodge

Cindy-Skelton Hodge

Seven years experience co-facilitating TF-EAP sessions with primarily veterans and first responders

Reccia Jobe

Reccia Jobe

Over 12 years experience co-facilitating TF- EAP sessions with traumatized populations, especially children, adolescents, and families; lifetime of horse experience

Britt Palmer

Britt Palmer

Lifelong horse person/competitor; Licensed LMFT and LPC; Specializes in trauma/PTSD, attachment difficulties, and eating disorders

Beverly Walsh

Beverly Walsh

Ph.D., LPC; Currently has full EAP/EAL private practice working with children, teens and families; Specializes in ADHD, Mood Disorders, ASD, and Parenting Issues

Rebecca Hubbard

Rebecca Hubbard

LMFT; Since 1994, has provided therapy for hundreds of traumatized children and families; Specializes in TF-EAP

Gabby Remole

Gabby Remole

LCSW; Over 13 years experience as an adoption caseworker; specializes in children and families; lifetime of horse experience

Jennifer (Weiss) McPeak

Jennifer (Weiss) McPeak

Experienced equine professional with 20+ years in both recreational riding and training; 10 years experience doing TF-EAP with children, adolescents, and their caregivers

Kendra Twitty

Kendra Twitty

LPC with over 19 years of specializing in working with developmental and complex trauma


Q: Are there prerequisites for the in-person Fundamentals Practicum add-on?

Yes. You must complete the Fundamentals of NL (Foundations, CORE, or Jumpstart) training before attending the Fundamentals Practicum. This ensures you have a solid foundation in the Natural Lifemanship principles, and possess the skills and knowledge needed to work directly with our horses and trainers.

Q: Is the in-person training a requirement for completing certification?

No. Your entire certification can be done virtually (CORE and Jumpstart options meet some of the certification requirements). This practicum provides an additional way to complete the experiential portion of your Fundamentals training and is highly recommended for those who prefer a hands-on training experience.

Q: Why should I reserve my spot NOW rather than wait?

We are taking every precaution to ensure your safety. Therefore, our training groups will be intimate and space will be limited. As long as you will complete half of your virtual training prior to attending the in-person training, we recommend you reserve your spot quickly.

Q: How many people will be at an in-person training?

To keep within our safety guidelines and to provide you more intimate and focused attention, we will keep our training groups to no more than 15 people.

Q: If I completed the Fundamentals in the past, but not the new Fundamentals training, can I attend the practicum?

The current Fundamentals training (released in 2020) includes an enormous amount of material that you did not learn in previous Fundamentals trainings, so attending these trainings prior to coming to the practicum is required and will ensure your time spent on-site is focused on practice and deepening your experiential learning.

“Even though I have been practicing NL for quite some time, this training helped to improve my hands-on use of the model through the experience and practice of engaging with different horses who had unique temperaments, histories, and personalities. The in-the-moment guidance from the instructors was priceless!”

Tabitha Salyer, LCMHC/LPC
Asheville Academy for Girls and Maple Hall Academy

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