Connected Horsemanship

Feel the power of horsemanship when relationships
are equitable, secure, and flourishing

No matter your level of horse experience, you can develop a stronger relationship with your horse based on deep connection and trust—and free from power, domination, and control—whether your partnership with horses is recreational, professional, or clinical.

Our 3-day Connected Horsemanship training is a personalized experience that’s designed to meet you where you are. Whether you’re a seasoned horse person, or are just getting started, we will discuss your individual goals, and help you develop a plan for achieving them.

Our trainers offer decades of experience with a variety of horses. They will assess and guide you and your horse to work on exactly what you need to continue to enhance your unique relationship (whether it is brand new or decades old!).

As your skills evolve, your relationship with your horse will deepen, and so will your experience at Connected Horsemanship. Since there is no pre-set agenda, each training unfolds in response to what your relationship needs that day. You could return again and again and always learn something new!

Why Natural Lifemanship? There are plenty of places to learn horsemanship skills, however, none carry the deeply healing and consciously humane values of Natural Lifemanship.


What: Connected Horsemanship
When: September 27-29, 2024
Time: 9am-5pm local time
Where:  NL Headquarters, Brenham, TX
Who: Anyone willing to grow a connected partnership with their horse
Why: A training that is designed around your individual needs provides the greatest opportunity for significant growth. Because you want a better relationship with your horse, and that relationship is unique, individualized attention is the best path forward.


Full Participant (bring your own horse or work with one of ours): $1,999*

Auditor (observe/ask questions; no working with horses): $375

Prerequisites: None

The Connected Horsemanship
training will teach you:

Connected Horsemanship
  • How to develop your horsemanship abilities through experiential learning
  • How to build relationships through ground and mounted work
  • How to build appropriate foundations that transfer as the relationship deepens through mounted work
  • How body awareness, body control, and posture can impact your relationship
  • How to become conscious of your own regulation and intention
  • How to recognize when your horse is giving consent through presence and deep connection

What to Expect:

  • We will host 6 participants with 6 horses in 6 separate spaces
  • We provide 3 seasoned trainers who utilize the Natural Lifemanship principles
  • Get focused and individualized support from wherever you are on your horsemanship journey
  • Sign up and immediately receive the Connected Horsemanship Course Bundle (valued at $199) – over 21 hours of videos!
  • You are welcome to bring your own horse* or borrow one from the host site
  • Auditing is available for $375 (does not include online learning bundle)


*If you bring your own horse you will need to bring Coggins, shot records, and food for your horse. Horses will live in their own round pen for the weekend where the owner will be responsible for feeding and watering their own horses, as well as cleaning the pen twice per day. The host facility assumes no liability for the safety of your livestock. You bring them at your own risk.

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