Natural Lifemanship Personal Immersion

We hold the hand that holds the hand.

Horse and Trainer

It is our mission to empower professionals through education and healing connection.

We hold the hands of the many professionals who do important healing work with others, every single day.

Oftentimes in our trainings, participants acknowledge the very personal nature of learning to do effective relational work and wish for more time to focus on themselves. We heard you and have designed an immersion to meet that yearning.

Our NL Personal Immersion is a unique and intimate 4-day experience that addresses the emotional and psychological needs you have as a helping professional, so that you can better meet the needs of your clients.

This Immersion differs from our other trainings by focusing on your own personal experiences of connection and loss, joy and sorrow, peace and discord— and by helping you to understand your attachment style and how it impacts your ability to relate.

Practice secure attachment through self-discovery and genuine connection.

You cannot take clients where you have not been. As helping professionals, we join clients through some of their most challenging moments. Yet as humans, we experience plenty of our own challenging moments as well.

Intimately knowing these aspects of the human experience makes us better clinicians!

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What: Natural Lifemanship Personal Immersion
When: Click below to view upcoming dates
Time: 9:30am-5:30pm local time
Where: Click below to view upcoming locations
Why: Your emotional and psychological wellbeing directly affects your work with clients.

Cost: $2,499*

*NOTE: If registration for 2024 trainings is purchased by Dec 31, 2023, free single-occupancy lodging at the onsite NL HomePlace Inn is included!

Prerequisites: None. There is a short course on Attachment you must complete prior to the training. You will receive the course after you register.

“The level of expertise along with an authentic interest in all the participants created an especially safe feeling to genuinely share and explore our attachment styles.”

Audrey Schmidt

Audrey Photo

What can I expect?

Over the course of 4 days, you will be offered time to connect with yourself and with others in a variety of experiences, with a low trainer to participant ratio—creating a dynamic environment for connection, reflection, and self-discovery.

Prior to attending, you’ll participate in an Adult Attachment Interview (valued at $350) to personalize and inform your 4-day process.

Approved Training Provider

You will have opportunities to engage in:

  • Groundwork and mounted work with horses
  • Personalized Equine Connected EMDR sessions
  • Therapeutic drumming and movement
  • Psychodrama and other embodiment practices
  • Somatic Work
  • Mind-Body Movement
  • Individual Reiki (or other supportive and co-regulating touch)
  • Nature and art therapy activities
  • And more!
Immersion Tools

Explore the following questions:

Notebook Bench
  • What does secure attachment look like?
  • What does secure attachment feel like?
  • What does “earning” a secure attachment entail?
  • How aware are you of your attachment style?
  • How does it impact your work with clients?

This workshop is for professionals in the equine assisted services field. 25 CE Credits are offered! The Personal Immersion may be counted towards the requirements for Advanced NL Certification.

Be prepared to feel supported and nurtured on your path to secure attachment, through a variety of both verbal and non-verbal therapies.

At the end of the four days, you will carry home new insights, more connection, and a better integration of Natural Lifemanship in practice.


“The NL Personal Immersion is a beautifully curated retreat that builds on the NL principles. Processing through old wounds is not easy and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anybody else. I highly recommend this training.”

Ashley Stavig

Ashley Stavig
Ashley Stavig

“The Personal Immersion was second-to-none…it felt nearly impossible to re-enter the ‘real world.’ If you’re willing to take a deep dive into a brave space…there is no better place to do it than with these incredibly supportive, compassionate, and intuitive people.”

Crystal Harvey

“This NL Personal Immersion has been the most impactful training of my career as an NL practitioner. The trainers provided a safe and loving environment and gently guided me towards healing past traumas. I cannot take my clients where I am not willing to go. Absolutely powerful!”

Sue McKinney

Sue Photo
Laurie Photo

“As long as I’ve been a follower of Natural Lifemanship, never have I dived as deeply into myself as I did at the Personal Immersion. Growing, stretching, learning, all within the loving safety of the Natural Lifemanship trainers. Forever Grateful!

Laurie Johnson

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