The Natural Lifemanship® Approach to Horsemanship

What makes our relationships with our equine partners unique?

Here at Natural Lifemanship, the inclusion of equine partners is integral to the work we do. Even more important is how and why we incorporate them into personal and professional development.

It is paramount to the work that we see equines as partners capable of real and authentic relationships. Sentient beings who are not to be controlled, but to be respected, trusted, and loved. Sentient beings who do not benefit from being controlled, but from being seen and valued as individuals and cared for in an attuned way.

Our specific relationship with horses and other equine partners is part of what makes our practice unique. When we speak of the power of connected relationships, this includes our relationships with horses.

The Natural Lifemanship Process

Natural Lifemanship Process

Though many models of horsemanship view the relationship as a hierarchical one, we assert that the most beneficial horse—human relationship comes from a partnership in which each partner chooses to ‘do the right thing’ for the other—because it is the right thing to do. Not out of fear, submission, compliance, or appeasement.

The foundation on which our principles are built

We acknowledge that in the horse world, training techniques have become gentler and more humane over the years. There is far more accountability on behalf of our equine partners—which is a good thing!

However, the underlying principles still reflect the assumption that horses need to be led or dominated by humans.

While much of horsemanship is based on the idea that every horse needs a leader*, we believe that horses are capable of thinking for themselves, if we interact with them in ways that specifically build the part of the brain that is responsible for thinking (the neocortex).

Connected Horsemanship

*Read more about the NL approach to Connected Horsemanship here.

Develop a new approach to your relationship with horses—one that transfers to your work with clients.

We would love to walk with you as you evolve your life and practice, and experience true transformation from the inside out.

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