Do-It-Yourself Connection Kit


The Do-It-Yourself Connection Kit:

Learn to apply science-based bottom-up regulation and connection principles, using a variety of tools, to help people with and without the help of horses.

Save $800 with the NL Do-It-Yourself Connection Kit (compared to the NL Connection Kit).

Get everything you need to build and effectively use the NL Connection Kits, including both the NL Essential Connection Kit AND the NL Drum Kit!

The Do-It-Yourself  Connection Kit comes with downloadable instructions, guides, printable materials, AND online courses that teach you how to use tools to build a relational brain! If you have some of the items in the Essential Kit already or prefer to acquire your own, this is the toolkit for you! Learn while you earn 16+ CE Credits!

Get instant access to:

  • Downloads of instructions for building your own kits
  • Guides for employing bottom-up-regulation strategies and NL principles while using the tools
  • Video-based courses demonstrating ways to use the Connection Kit tools with and without horses to help your clients regulate, connect, and integrate

The DIY Kit costs only $450 ($299 for NL members) and includes:

  • The Essential Connection Kit Course
  • The Selected Tools with Horses Course
  • The Equine Add-On Course
  • BONUS: Get the Drum Kit Course, as well!
  • Earn 16 CE Credits

*NL MEMBERS pay only $299 for the DIY Connection Kit! Your additional membership savings pay for the annual cost of our Basic Membership!

Learn a multitude of the most effective strategies, earn 16+ CE credits, and build your own connection kit for a fraction of the cost:

  • All downloadable files you need to build your own Essential Connection Kit (with Equine Add-On) and Drum Connection Kit.
  • All online courses that come with each of those kits.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive an email giving you access to all of the downloads and courses so you can start using them right away.
  • LIMITED TIME SAVINGS. Your cost for the DIY kit is ONLY $450 ($299 for NL Members). Compare this with the retail price of the fully assembled Essential Kit with Equine Add-On ($1325) and the Drum Connection Kit ($185) and the savings are substantial.
  • BONUS OFFER: At the time of purchase, add on the Rhythm Bell Connection Kit for only $50 (ordinarily $125). You will gain instant access to the Rhythm Bell Connection Kit Course, and the bells themselves will be shipped to you. These bells are made by us and are unavailable from other vendors. You will have the option to ADD the Rhythm Bells to your order at this special price once you add the DIY Connection Kit to your cart.

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