What Really Matters for Good Therapy?

What Really Matters for Good Therapy?

While it can cause plenty of frustration (for both professionals, researchers, and clients alike), we find time and again that the benefits of therapy are not due to specific techniques learned or specific modalities used – they are due, in fact, to the quality of the person who is the therapist (or coach, or other practitioner).

Reactions to the NYT Magazine’s Take on Therapy

Just a couple of days ago, the New York Times Magazine released an article on the state of therapy in our country today. The journalist overtly shares her frustration with the simple fact that therapy and its outcomes are difficult to research quantitatively. 

In fact, in multiple meta-analyses of research done over the years it has been repeatedly found that therapy helps many, and most therapeutic approaches help equally well. There aren’t really any “perfect” interventions or models. Nothing stands out in terms of what, clinically, we do.

So what DOES matter in good healing work?

Ultimately, it is the skills of the practitioner that make all the difference. 

Not the skills needed to implement a protocol, but to foster healing connection. 

The ability to connect, to empathize, to respond well to conflict, to remind the client (both in thinking and feeling) that they are not alone in their challenges. 

This is what it means when we say the relationship is the vehicle for change. (You can also find a webinar on this subject here.) 

This is why ALL of our trainings are (sometimes annoyingly) low on technique and formula, and high on personal development, self awareness, and the practice of the ART of connection. 

We, as therapists, coaches, and healers of all kinds, are not trying to fix a problem (task), we are attempting, moment to moment, to see our clients, to hear our clients, to feel our clients – so that they have an experience of not being alone (connection). 

To be with, not to fix

Life can be challenging, for everyone. It is not our job to fix that, it IS our job to BE WITH our clients in a way that eases the burden. 

This is what The Natural Lifemanship Institute attempts to foster in each and every one of our students. 

We work to cultivate the skillset to be a positive and therapeutic relationship for change. 

Because as it turns out, this is what really matters. 

Join us

Something we believe deeply at Natural Lifemanship is that this journey requires community. If you are a therapist looking for a supportive community of colleagues who are learning from each other and evolving every day, we invite you to join us. Learn more about NL Membership

Earn NBCC Continuing Education Credits through NL Trainings

Earn NBCC Continuing Education Credits through NL Trainings

Natural Lifemanship has proudly been a National Board for Certified Counselors Continuing Education Provider for nearly 10 years.

All Natural Lifemanship students can earn continuing education credits through the National Board for Certified Counselors through applicable trainings and courses.

Trainings and courses on our website will mention NBCC credits when they are available, how many you can get, and how to earn them.

How to Receive CE Credits

To receive your continuing education credits, the NBCC states:

“A certificate, verification form or letter verifying attendance is required for documentation. The documentation must include your name, date attended, hours completed, program title and signature of presenter/provider.”

A certificate of completion is automatically issued through your dashboard upon completion of all NL trainings once you’ve met the criteria. If you’ve chosen an NBCC approved course, the certificate will reflect the CE credits that you’ve earned  in order to receive your credits from the NBCC.

Look for this image throughout our site to identify trainings that qualify.

If you have any questions for us about Natural Lifemanship and our trainings that qualify for NBCC continuing education credits, don’t hesitate to reach out.

NL is an Approved VA Education Provider

NL is an Approved VA Education Provider

All veterans in the Natural Lifemanship community may apply to have the cost of their NL trainings covered by the Department of Veteran Affairs. We’re so grateful for the service and energy veterans bring to our community, and hope having this option will make your NL experience even more enjoyable and allow you to deepen your training.

How to Apply

Before starting your VA application make sure you’re eligible for VA benefits here. Once you’ve deemed that you’re eligible for benefits, you’ll need to have the following documents for your application:

  • Social Security Number
  • Bank Account Direct Deposit Information
  • Education and Military History
  • Basic information about the school or training facility you want to attend
  • Natural Lifemanship’s Unique Entity ID (UEI), which is GYYSFDKAMSK3
Please note that you do not send this sensitive information to Natural Lifemanship – your submission is entirely with the Department of Veteran Affairs.

After you’ve gathered all this information, you can apply directly on the VA’s website here or request a mail-in application at (888)-442-4551. The average time it takes for the VA to process education claims is 30 days.

If you have any questions for us about Natural Lifemanship and how we collaborate with the VA, don’t hesitate to reach out.