We Are Indeed Interconnected: What People Are Saying About Interconnected 2020!

We Are Indeed Interconnected: What People Are Saying About Interconnected 2020!

Holy Schmoly, y’all!  The conference was even better than I had imagined. And my imagination is pretty darn good!


It was our intention to create a virtual experience that guided us deeper into our bodies, minds, and souls. Revealing just how interconnected we really are.  


And guess what? WE DID JUST THAT!  


Dare I say, this conference rivaled our in-person events of the past.  It’s true! And here’s how.


A couple of weeks prior to Interconnected 2020, we began to gather in a private Facebook group for conference attendees. This group built more connection than any FB group I have ever been part of.  Daily, I scrolled through the posts with tears in my eyes, as my love for our community grew stronger each day!  


In this group, we engaged in Daily Healing Practices—together.  During one of our practices, we created nature mandalas to deepen our connection to one another. Circles and mandalas are powerful symbols of community, never-ending connectedness, intentional space, and our interconnectedness with each other and the world around us.  


As members of our community created and shared them in our group, we leaned into what it truly means to connect. . . even at a distance.


ALL of the keynotes, daily healing practices, and workshops were life-changing – so much knowledge, intuition, and talent!  I can’t wait to watch the recordings for the workshops that I missed.


As we gathered each evening for our Fireside Chat, we discussed and processed the mornings’ keynotes.  What a wonderful time together. In fact, this time was so moving, we decided to continue our chats for conference attendees, while people are still watching the conference recordings! 


Which are now available until February 28th, 2021. 


Of course, when it comes to our community and Natural Lifemanship, I am admittedly a bit biased, so don’t just take my word for it.  See what other people are saying down below! 


By the way, It’s not too late to get access to the recordings! [Get them here] 

(The price goes up to $999 on November 2nd)


It’s not too late to join our private FB group!  

(You will be sent information about how to join after you sign up for VIP access)


AND it’s not too late to participate in our LIVE Fireside Chats!


What Are People Saying on Social Media? 


“BEST Conference I’ve Ever Attended!”


“I had my first few sessions back after the conference and I believe they were the richest, deepest sessions I have had with clients and my horses in a long time because of the new tools I learned from this conference. I can’t wait to go back and watch the presentations I missed and re-watch the others. I so very much appreciate the hard work and wisdom you all brought to this experience.  It really was the best training/conference I’ve ever been to, real life, virtual, or otherwise!  Thank you so much.”   

  • Shannon Marie


“I want to thank Bettina + Tim, and the entire Natural Lifemanship team for putting on, hands down, the best virtual conference I’ve ever attended. In other events, it feels like you are on a never-ending cascade of webinars and it’s so easy to fatigue out.  Totally opposite of my experience this weekend. The mandala making, activity + connection in the Facebook group, and my VERY favorite part, the fireside chats made it feel like we were all together. It filled my cup and I am so energized for my work at home.”

  • Ashley Decker


“Even though we weren’t all together in person physically, it felt like we were to me. And I feel that still! This was the best conference, in person and virtually, I’ve experienced.”

  • Laura Mengar


“This is the best extensive, virtual conference I have participated in during the pandemic. Kudos to the organizers, and gratitude to them and all the speakers!”

  • Amanda Ball


“This was an epic event!”

  • Sara Sherman


“Such Great Learning!”


“So much great content!  I will definitely have to go back and listen to recordings – having this at my fingertips was perfect at this point in my life!”

  • Krystal Raley


“I learned so very much! The speakers, keynotes, workshops were of amazing quality. I am in awe of the talent and expertise we were able to soak in. I can’t wait to go back through and watch the videos I missed.”

  • Ashley Decker


I want to give a big thank you to the natural lifemanship crew! It was an outstanding conference. And it’s amazing… I’ve already noticed a difference in my equine assisted psychotherapy sessions with what I’ve learned from the conference. Definitely making me a better clinician and helping me improve my relationship with my horse!!  Thank you so much!

  • Theresa Donoghue


“Loved the Fireside Chat wrap-ups!”

  • Pam Salem


“Bravo!! I am amazed at how fantastically things ran! And such a well-blended line up of interconnected sessions! What an incredible team pulling off an incredible event!!”

  • Dawn Robson


I haven’t been able to “attend” any of the events this week, but I bought a ticket with the recordings so that I can watch later with full concentration after things settle down. But, I’ve loved seeing everyone’s posts and knowing we belong to a larger community!

  • Joy O’Neal


“Y’all are unbelievable and huge love to all the horse participants, too!!”

  • Beth Sylver


“So Much Connection!”


Thank You to you this very special group of people who made this whole thing so wonderful!!!! Experiencing you all in person is life-changing.  Experiencing you all virtually was, ALSO, life-changing!!  Is it too soon to sign up for the next one???

  • Laurie Johnson


“There is nothing but acceptance in this group and safety. Thank you NL and all members for providing a much-needed sanctuary for everyone!”

  • Donna Steffey


“Today- the power of spirit and connection and authenticity filled my lungs and settled in my bones….and I recognized their presence. Nothing had changed outside of myself…Covid was still palpable in the air, injustice was still seeping deeply into every molecule of the planet, and the government was still entrenched in the need for power rather than the power of Love.

And yet, I was able to hold on in a different way. I was able to hold onto connection to myself and others in the profound and beautiful dance that has eluded me for many months . I was able to hold onto hope. I was able to see and hear and remember the divine that lives within me. The divine that lives in all of us.  I feel so very grateful. I am committed to being a part of the healing- in whatever form possible. It is my hope that includes horses and trees and music and movement and art and play…and ALL OF YOU.”

  • Carol Hollis-White


“This lovely, closing quote: ‘We are the luckiest people in the world!’ from Bettina Shultz-Jobe will linger with me forever. My deepest gratitude to every single one who made this journey beyond my wildest dreams!  Feeling full of life and love and a new sense of wonder!”

  • Beth Sylver


“When I got my #Interconnected2020 Bracelet I cried. I have felt so alone in 2020 and to be reminded with this bracelet and this conference, WE ARE INTERCONNECTED brings a sense of peaceful belonging. Thank you Natural Lifemanship for showing me what true connection is!”

  • Amy Nistor


“I have been collecting and adding pieces (to my nature mandala) during my walks each day of the conference and today it felt complete. The message “All parts are welcome” kept coming to mind. My heart and brain are feeling delightfully full as we end.”

  • Kim Buller


Even though we weren’t physically together, I’m feeling connected, attuned, happy, peaceful, FILLED and cared for.  Thank you!

  • Cindy Martin


“I Finally Found My Tribe!”



“I am feeling so encouraged right now. I feel like I have finally found my tribe. Everything I have been learning with Natural Lifemanship has been in alignment with my values. I didn’t think that existed anywhere else. SO cool!”

  • Megan Theiss


“This was the best conference and interconnectedness ever! So proud to have been a part of it and this tribe.”

  • Paula Young


“Finding NL was like finding the words for what I always felt and knew in my heart about this work. NL gave me the principles and the confidence that I was on the “right” track. I am so honored to be a part of this community with some of the most amazing + loving + incredible + generous humans I’ve ever met. I also know, for my own health and heart, I can’t ever go so long without connecting with you all again. And I cannot wait for the world to open up again (safely) to attend some trainings in person!” 

  • Ashley Decker


“After rejoining this community and learning so much during this conference, I am re-energized. All I have to say to the world is watch out because I’M BACK!!!!!!  

Thank you Bettina Shultz-Jobe and Tim Jobe and the rest of the team for putting together such an incredible experience. I can’t wait to see what the next steps on this crazy journey of life are, but I do hope they bring us closer together again.”

  • Alyssa Rowe


“I am feeling so energized and renewed after having attended several sessions of this conference over the past several days. This morning I’m wanting to tune into a meditation and hear another inspiring keynote and enjoy the fireside chat that invariably takes place, so already missing gathering together.  I’m new to this community, having started in the Virtual Fundamentals course in September, but I’m here to stay. The authentic healing presence you all share so freely is truly infectious in a very co-regulating way. Blessings and peace to all of you for a wonderful week.”

  • Greg Smith


“I’m a dog trainer and behaviorist and I am just LOVING learning about NL. It aligns with everything I’ve been sharing with my clients in order to better their lives through their relationship with their dog, not pain, control, and intimidation.”

  • Briana Stringer


“Virtual was Ideal!”


COVID aside, I probably would not have been able to travel to attend this conference had it been in person. I have so much gratitude for this virtual event. Thank you for the effort and spectacular outcome in finding a new way to facilitate the conference.

  • Brenda Turner


As a person who lives remotely (Alaska) this was the perfect opportunity for me to join in. I love NL and would love to pursue it more, but as a hobby attending in person is hard to justify financially. You folks did an amazing job. I can’t wait to watch the videos to soak it all in!

  • Ingrid Varenbrink


“I am one of those who never had the camera on. Just want to say there is something amazing about participating in a conference in your pajamas while in bed with the dogs and cats snuggled up. And participating in a conference while on a 3-mile walk and while doing ranch chores. Not having to pay for travel and hotel is also really awesome, as were the quality of the videos and tech support!”

  • Martha McNiel


“I so much LOVED being able to attend this conference via zoom! It was so much more affordable to not have to pay for transportation and a hotel room.  Best conference ever! I’m now looking forward to attending the Fundamentals of NL in 2021!”

  • Jennifer Sutherland


“We are like the stars. Working individually to shine a bright light for ourselves and our clients, while working alongside our fellow practitioners to light up the night sky with hope, possibility, and resilience”.


~ Bettina and the entire Natural Lifemanship team

What My Nature Mandala Taught Me

What My Nature Mandala Taught Me

This year Natural Lifemanship had its first-ever virtual conference.  It was our intention to connect virtually in the same way we have in years past at our in-person conferences.  We believe deeply in the power of connection to transcend space and time, and we KNOW that we don’t have to be physically together to be connected.   


In the days leading up to the conference, we invited all registered participants to join us daily in a private Facebook group to explore rhythm, ritual, movement, breath, meditation, and other skills essential to living in a flourishing community together.  


Because. . . we heal, grow, and thrive when part of a community committed to relationship with self and others.  


As a way to connect with each other and with our world, we encouraged attendees to create nature mandalas at home –  I learned this from one of our trainers, Mary Oliver, and love to do this with clients to help them come into the environment that will support their health and healing.  


Those of us who get to partner people with horses to do healing work are often given the gift of space – I like to make full use of the amazing nature office in which I get to work. 


Circles and mandalas are such a powerful symbol of community, never-ending connectedness, intentional space, and our interconnectedness with each other and the world around us.  


We encouraged people to visit their mandala each day and listen to what their mandala tells them.  Maybe add something, take something away, rearrange, etc.  At the end of the week, we each released our mandalas back to nature after choosing one object to keep as a reminder of our time together.  


The pictures of peoples’ mandalas were stunning and day by day my internal sense of connection grew, deepened, and blossomed.


Tami Bahr with Triquestion, LLC shared this story and I am honored to share it with you, with her permission of course.  Thank you Tami for sharing a bit of you with us!  



As I’ve reflected daily on my nature mandala, I noticed every day that the wind, storms, etc. moved things and altered my mandala. The first day, I remember thinking, ‘this is exactly why I was hesitant to put it outside, maybe I should move it inside to protect it.’


I paused for a moment and decided to leave it outside and make some small alterations in the hopes that it would withstand the wind better. The next day, the wind had moved things again, even the rocks which I thought would be impervious to it. But I didn’t think about moving it inside, instead, I incorporated the winds movement and adjusted my mandala. 


Each day after that, the wind moved things and I adjusted it. It unfolded each day into a different mandala yet with its history still present, enveloped into its presence that day. 


Then, I noticed that I too was evolving, each day feeling moved by the conference, adjusting, expanding, shifting. It was today, our last day when I paused to take a picture of the wind’s movements before adjusting it yet again. 


I noticed a bit of panic when I couldn’t find one of the crow feathers and paused to really take in the space. That’s when I found it, hidden under the railing, waiting for me. 


It struck me then that I have been finding hidden pieces of myself all week. Moved by the winds of experience in my life, waiting for me to find them by the willingness to adjust, to grow, to change. 


I recognize the incredible sense of safety that I’ve felt this week from the NL community and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the interconnectedness you’ve created.


My journey continues but I’m filled with excitement, quiet is the fear and uncertainty, instead, I move forward feeling brave today to see where the winds take me. …..




It’s not too late to take part in this life-changing transformation 

we are undergoing together!  


We continue to connect in our private FB group.   

We will continue to meet for LIVE Fireside Chats to discuss and process specific workshops as people watch the replays.  

Sign up for VIP Access, and gain access to 90 hours of keynotes, workshops, daily healing practices, LIVE Fireside Chats, and CE’s through February 28th, 2021 and join our little circle – community – family!

A Playlist for Rhythm and Regulation

A Playlist for Rhythm and Regulation

By Bettina Shultz-Jobe and Kate Naylor


We know that Interconnected 2020 will take place online. 

We also know that too many hours spent online without a break could cause serious mental fatigue. 

So, we put together this playlist of videos and resources to give your mind and body the rhythm and connection needed to regulate and learn. They are intended to be watched as “Brain Breaks” during the conference—to ensure the conference experience is rejuvenating and FUN.


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This playlist was carefully chosen to deepen your experience at Interconnected 2020. 


All of these things bring us rhythm––visual and auditory rhythm, specifically––which helps to regulate, organize, and integrate the entire brain. These videos are intended to regulate the most lower regions of the brain so that our brain and body can connect with self and others and are capable of concrete and abstract learning and thought.  With so many options you can “choose your flavor” – we hope you enjoy!

The Aviators by Helen Jane Long

Deep Breathing Shapes Animation 

Rapping Dr. Seuss

Drumming flash mob

Bob Ross painting

Relaxing music and underwater scenes

Virtual Nature Walk

Newsies live on the New York Streets

Wheel Dance

Tongue Drum Binaural Beats

Idina Menzel “Defying Gravity” 

“True Colors” by Camden Voices choir

Evolution of Dance video

Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatly

Anna Kendrick “Cups”

Family Lockdown Boogie

Funky American Woodcock

Virtual Train Ride

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, distance symphony

Acapella “I wanna dance with somebody”

OK GO “This Too Shall Pass” music video 

Frozen II “Show Yourself”

Redwood National Forest Virtual Hike

Buddhist Monk, The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” 

Jimmy Fallon, found sound, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”

Hania Rani on the shores of Iceland

Anderson Paak “Don’t Slack” music video

“The Rhythm of the Horse” by Thomas Newman

Frozen II “The Next Right Thing”

Proposal flash mob 

Crackling fireplace

Natural scenery and sounds

OK GO “I won’t let you down”


Rain Drums


We hope that this playlist sets the stage for your inner healing and the deep connections you will build at Interconnected 2020.


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How to Avoid Zoom Fatigue During the Virtual Conference

How to Avoid Zoom Fatigue During the Virtual Conference

This year, our Interconnected 2020 conference will be virtual. This means that the speakers you watch and the workshops you participate in will be done on a computer monitor or screen. 

While this makes attending the conference more convenient, it may cause you to experience symptoms related to Zoom Fatigue—exhaustion that comes with focusing intently on a computer screen for too long. 

Don’t worry…we’ve got a plan for that!

This entire conference was designed with you in mind, and that includes avoiding Zoom Fatigue. We’re going to keep you moving, engaged, and connected the entire time! Here’s how.

Keep Moving

Many of the presentations were designed to keep your body and mind flowing through rhythm and regulation. So we highly encourage you to participate as if you were right there standing in front of each live presenter. Stand up, sit down, and keep moving! This will allow you to stay engaged and invigorated throughout the conference. 


This is YOUR time. Therefore we advise you to unplug from outside distractions during conference hours. As we would in person, we are asking you to turn off/ silence your cell phone. The more you treat your environment as you would a conference hall, the more you will receive from this life-changing experience. 

Get Grounded

Our Daily Healing Practices provide you with an opportunity to move, stretch, and connect deeper to yourself and those participating in the conference with you. We encourage you to attend each morning and evening to SHIFT your mind and body’s focus from the computer screen, inward. 

Connect with Living Beings

If possible spend time with other living beings! A person, an animal, a tree––we need others to regulate. Co-regulation is a biological imperative and will absolutely combat Zoom fatigue! If you can, take moments for physical closeness with a friend, an animal companion, or in nature. A plant, a tree, your God…these connections matter so much. 

Bonus Tip 

Turn off your video or use your speaker view during the conference. Only “be seen” when you want to see your body. This can help you to shift your focus away from watching yourself, to healing yourself. 

You can turn off “self view” – turn on your camera to ensure your lighting is good, and then hide “self-view”.

Together, we will transform the virtual experience into one of greater mindfulness, connectedness, and transcendence.

There is still time to register for Interconnected 2020!  I hope you can join us!

What to Expect from the Interconnected 2020 Conference

What to Expect from the Interconnected 2020 Conference

The picture you see at the top of this blog is of my husband, Tim Jobe, Frieda on the left, Peanut on the right, and our child Cooper when he was about three years old. I was walking behind with another one of our horses, Zeus, and quickly snapped a photo of this moment in heaven on my phone. 


This moment lives on because it lives within me – it is part of every interaction I have. I try to allow the connection felt deep in my cells, found in moments like these, to inform every decision we make in Natural Lifemanship…even the decision we made this year to go virtual with our conference.   


If you want to know what to expect from the conference this year, I invite you to sense into this photo and embody this moment in time with me. With us.  


Breathe it in.






Slow down.  




In this moment, feel your connection to our little family. To your body. To your community. To the NL community.


Maybe explore these questions. . . What do you notice in your body?  Where do you feel that in your body?  What is the shape? Color? Texture? Sound?  What do you taste? Smell? Hear? Feel? When you notice that, what do you notice next?  And then next? And then next? Notice it all – around you and inside you.


Breathe it in, because this is a small taste of the connection we intend to create virtually through our conference this year. This photo represents the connection we carry for you and your clients, deep in our hearts, as we plan and prepare. I pray that as you sense into this moment with me, you become profoundly aware of how interconnected we really are.  


Goodness, 2020 thus far has brought immediate, and disparate change across the world, across the country, and across our individual lives. The nature of the pandemic has left us bound to our homes, sequestered from our places of work, of study, of worship, of life, of healing, of community. 


It is important that we acknowledge our physical separations AND fiercely endeavor upon a journey to recognize the boundless connections we maintain in our hearts without access to physical interaction.


2020 has taught us how interconnected we really are

Our virtual conference is a testament to that. From October 21st through the 25th, we will be streaming live daily healing practices, keynote presentations, workshops, performances and horse-human interactions. We are engaging in real time through a digital interface, grounding ourselves and connecting with each other through movement and rhythm. 


We can and we will heal in community, because it is through relationships that we heal, grow, and transform! If you’ve been with us for long, this is not news, but it is during the hardest of times that we are challenged to hold fast to what we know to be true, and practice what we preach.


Interconnected 2020 is an opportunity to engage, learn from the industry’s most illustrious speakers and practitioners, and earn up to 75 hours of CEs available through NBCC and NAADAC. (We’re diligently working to also be able to offer CEs through NASW…stay tuned!)  There are 75 workshops!  SEVENTY FIVE!


By participating in the conference, you will have access to over 90 hours of rich material from a variety of experts in the field on topics such as energetic and nutritional healing, attachment styles, horse behavior, consent, playfulness, movement, and so much more!  


Seriously y’all, check out the workshops, they are SO good!  We have chosen each workshop with you, your clients, and your legacy in this world in the forefront of our minds.

See the Conference Agenda here!


Natural Lifemanship Conference is a must attend conference! Not only will you come away with a ton of knowledge, you will leave with new friends, new connections and a joyous soul!”

– Rebecca J. Hubbard, Owner, Pecan Creek Ranch



A Truly Experiential Event

We are definitely going to miss being together in person this year. But now more than ever, it’s critical that we find ways to be interconnected even when we’re not physically together. With that in mind, we’ve woven experiential opportunities into each day of the conference.


Not only will the conference be live, it will also include horse-human interactions (including client sessions!) in nearly every session.  We are filming these beforehand given that getting the internet out to our horses is often challenging.  These videos will be watched and discussed during workshops – I’m so excited about this!  


Our incredible lineup of speakers will guide you in real-time to practice embodying healing through rhythm, movement, and connection to yourself and others.


This will be an experience like no other! Truly!


Building Your Conference Agenda


We know that five whole days to attend a conference may not be feasible for all practitioners. We want to be accessible for our community. Therefore we have made the experience as customizable as possible by offering a myriad of workshops and healing practices throughout the day for you to choose from.  There will typically be 3 workshops happening at a time! 


  • Through our Community Pass, you’ll have live access to the keynote speakers, at 9:15-10:45 each day. 
  • The All-Access Pass allows you to enjoy each live section offered throughout the day according to your time and interest.  You will typically choose from three different workshops – choose what is best for you and your practice!
  • And the VIP Pass offers you live access to each section of the conference each day, and recordings of the entire conference until January 31st, 2021, so you can revisit or explore the conference courses. 


Still need to purchase your ticket? Grab yours here. 


With each pass, you’ll have the opportunity to participate and earn CE hours. There are 90 hours of enriching material for you to enjoy and learn from! 



Check out our agenda and register today! 


The conference will be a full brain and body experience – no doubt.  I hope as you read this you were able to sense, feel, and think because that is what the conference will be all about.  It will be special and I hope you can join us!