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A Path That Meets You Where You Are

Marijane’s Journey

Mental Health Therapist

Marijane has been practicing as a licensed mental health professional for nearly a decade. She is looking to evolve her practice by incorporating equines through Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP)

Learn more about what drew Marijane to Natural Lifemanship®.

Gretchen’s Journey

Equine Professional

Gretchen wants to use her experience with horses to support others in their growth and healing.

What drew Gretchen to Natural Lifemanship®?.

Kathy’s Journey

Life Coach

Kathy incorporates equines into her life-coaching practice and wants to include the NL process of Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Learning (TI-EAL).

What’s different about NL for Kathy?.

Walk With Us


Stay connected with other practitioners and professionals, receive early access and discounts for new workshops and conferences, and gain access to a video library containing hundreds of hours of streaming videos—and a course library for ongoing, self-paced learning offering CE credits.

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In-person and virtual options designed to meet you where you are and help you grow both personally and professionally.

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Integrate and embody the principles of deep connection and relationship with yourself, your clients, and your equine partners. Receive individual, team, and group support for your own EAS practice —your specific clients, horses, and facilities.

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Approved Training Provider

Learning from NL has not only changed my practice, it’s transformed my life. Having trained with other organizations, I expected to enhance what I already knew. What resulted was a personal and professional metamorphosis that positively impacted my work with clients, strengthened my connection to my horses, and ignited a healing deep within myself. When people ask me about NL, I tell them it is life changing.

Sue McKinney

Founder and program Director of Barnabas Horse Foundation,
NL Certification Student

Get to Know Natural Lifemanship®

Horses are powerful partners because…

Horses are capable of engaging in healthy, genuine connection, relationship, and partnership. This relationship can be profoundly deeper than words.


  • A tool for our healing, an object, a mirror, or a metaphor
  • A flawless magical creature capable of divine intervention
  • A therapist
  • A human


  • A herd animal who depends on interconnected and complex relationships
  • A mammal who craves connection and authenticity
  • A highly sensitive creature who relies on ongoing, subtle, and embodied communication
  • A sentient being, an individual, with their own wants, needs, and histories— including their own wounds to heal

Looking for equine assisted personal growth or therapy options for yourself?

We have two exclusive paths designed to support you in your own healing journey.

Our personal growth workshops, trainings, and retreats provide opportunities for connecting deeper to yourself, building internal resilience, and moving forward towards health and wellness.

If you are seeking more individualized support closer to home, our practitioner listing will connect you with a professional who is certified by Natural Lifemanship® or in the process of certification.

Simply choose your path below, and begin your journey.

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NL Team Member Spotlight: Kate Naylor

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