Marijane’s Journey

Mental Health Therapist

Marijane has been practicing as a licensed mental health professional for nearly a decade in an office setting. She is looking to evolve her practice into one incorporating equines.

She would like to earn CE credits, join a community of other equine assisted therapy professionals, and begin the powerful work of Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP), developed by Natural Lifemanship®.

Shayla Anderson

What drew Marijane to Natural Lifemanship®?

The NL membership provides her with the community she craves, and the self-paced, ongoing learning she can easily fit around her family life and busy practice.

There are various training options that offer CE credits and give her a framework for how to incorporate horses ethically, responsibly, and in a trauma-informed manner. The emphasis on connection and relationship is grounded in the relational neurosciences—offering her a “why” to support her decision making.

Gretchen’s Journey

Equine Professional

Gretchen wants to use her experience with horses to support others in their healing—as a partner to a therapist or other practitioner doing Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) or Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).


Which path did Gretchen choose?

NL Certification to start her business and grow professionally. This includes NL membership which connects her to a network of practitioners and other equine professionals—and consultations and mentorship to enrich her journey by offering individualized support.

Trainings to learn and feel the power of horsemanship when relationships are equitable, secure, and flourishing—an essential skill for an NL certified equine professional.

Kathy’s Journey


Kathy already incorporates equines into her life-coaching practice when she does equine assisted coaching, but wants to expand her knowledge and skillset to include the NL process of Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Learning (TI-EAL).


What’s different about NL for Kathy?

There is a greater emphasis on how one’s body and mind are connected.

Horses are seen as sentient beings and individuals —partners in the process.

NL offers a framework for making healthy relational choices.

Personal growth is an integral part of all professional development offerings.

We would love to walk with you as you evolve your life and practice.

Choosing your path is simple.

Take the quiz to see where to begin.

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