Terms and Conditions


Downloadable Products

NL Skills Cards & DIY Connection Kit: Digital files are delivered automatically upon completion of a purchase. The digital files may be used and stored by the individual who purchased the product but must not be distributed or shared with any individual(s) who did not purchase the product, with one exception: The Skills Cards consist of multiple pages of cards in one PDF file, plus two auxiliary cards. The purchaser is encouraged to store the PDF and to print individual cards as needed to give to clients. The purchaser is also encouraged to have the cards printed in color on card stock for use. There is no limit to printing and to distributing a few individually printed cards to clients for therapeutic or educational purposes (e.g., to practice the skills for homework). It is not permissible, however, to send the PDFs to clients or to anyone else for whom a purchase has not been completed, or to distribute a complete set of printed cards, or to sell the printed cards. By purchasing the cards, one agrees to these terms.

Membership Agreement and Discounts

Members receiving discounts when purchasing products or services for others. NL Members receive discounts on select products and services. As a convenience, we allow customers to purchase products and event registrations on behalf of others. If the purchaser is a member and receives an eligible discount, but the person(s) for whom the purchase is being made (for example, an event registration) is not a member, the order will be subject to cancellation unless the difference between the regular price and the discounted price is received (or, the non-members subscribe to a membership plan).

Monthly subscriptions and membership discounts. In cases where member discounts surpass the value of the membership fees paid to date via a monthly or annual subscription, the membership must remain active long enough to cover the value of the discount or the customer will be held liable for the full price of the product or service or at least 12 months, whichever comes first.

Membership Terms. Membership is currently offered at two levels (basic and professional) and two billing cycles (monthly and annual). You are free to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership at any time with one exception: Due to the value of the content provided, Professional Membership requires a one-year minimum commitment. You may subscribe for $330 per year if paid on an annual basis or $30 monthly. If you purchase a monthly subscription to Professional Membership, you agree to the condition that you will complete 12 billing cycles totaling $360 before any changes to the subscription are made. If you downgrade or cancel before $360 in payments have been received, you will be liable for the balance between what you have paid and $360.

ALL membership subscriptions renew automatically according to their billing cycle. The card with which you purchased the membership will be billed either monthly or annually unless you cancel your subscription or put it on hold, both of which you can do by going into your dashboard and clicking on “Subscriptions.” Memberships are non-refundable.

How to cancel or switch membership plans: You may cancel or switch your membership subscription plan by logging into your account, going to Dashboard, going to Orders & Settings, and viewing your subscription. There you will find options to switch or cancel. You may also update your credit card information in Orders & Settings under Payment Methods.

Refund and Transfer Policy for Training Events

Refund FEE: When refunds are issued through our payment gateway, Natural Lifemanship is still charged a fee for the transaction. Therefore, we will only refund up to 95% of the total transaction to cover our costs. Customers may request a store credit instead of a refund and receive up to 100% credit for the order they wish to cancel.

The Blended Fundamentals of NL Training:

The Blended Fundamentals of NL training is completed partially online. The online module (Lessons 1-8) must be completed at least one week prior to the 2-day training. If it is not, participants will forfeit their spot at the training and will need to transfer to a later 2-day training for which space is available. Because the online content is available immediately, there are no refunds for the Fundamentals Training. Registration for a 2-day live event may be transferred without penalty to another date so long as space is available. Please notify us at least one week prior to the event for which you are registered if you will be unable to attend so that we can make spaces available for other participants.

The Virtual Fundamentals of NL Training:

There are three levels of participation for the Virtual Fundamentals Training: Foundations (online coursework only), Core (online coursework PLUS practical assignments with deadlines), and Jumpstart (online coursework PLUS practical assignments with deadlines). Please note the policies below. By registering for the training, you agree to these policies.

TRANSFER POLICY (For Core and Jumpstart level participants):
We understand things happen that cause you to fall behind and you may wish to transfer to a future cohort. If you get started and find it difficult to keep up with the pace of this course, you have the option to transfer (only once) to a future cohort for a fee of $150. The practical assignments which require you to work with a horse and submit a video at two different times in the course are the only truly time-sensitive assignments. Our instructors are only available to view and give feedback on the videos during designated weeks. If you must arrange to do the assignments or get feedback outside of these time periods, you may transfer once for $150, or you may pay the $150 consultation fee to book a private consultation for each assignment at your convenience.

Please note that there is no reason that a Foundations student should ever need to transfer since they have no assignments with deadlines.

INCOMPLETES: In the event that a Core or Jumpstart participant cannot complete the practice/video submission assignments, but would like to receive CE credits for having completed everything BUT the assignments, they may let us know. We have the option to award the completed Foundations course with 30 CE credits for the equivalent work completed in the Core or Jumpstart course. If the participant decides to submit the video assignments at a later time, they will need to book consultations at the regular rate to debrief those assignments and complete the course.

During the 10-week Virtual Training period, those who would like to upgrade may contact Kaye Barefield.

Intensive and Immersion trainings:

A 95% refund (or full refund if you paid by check or cash) or transfer will be granted only if Natural Lifemanship is notified at least 6 weeks before the scheduled training. No refunds or transfers will be made within 6 weeks of the training event.

Non-liability for travel expenses: Should a training be cancelled, Natural Lifemanship is not responsible for reimbursing costs associated with travel and lodging. However, we are happy to provide proof of cancellation upon request.

Continuing Education Hours Policy 

To be eligible to receive continuing education hours for any Natural Lifemanship training, you MUST attend and complete the entire training (neither arriving late nor leaving early) AND you must complete the post-training evaluation. We are held to these standards by the organizations that have granted us permission to provide continuing education to their members. These organizations currently include the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), and NAADAC, the Association for Addictions Professionals. We are unable to prorate the number of CE hours granted. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Cancellation and Reschedule Policy for Consultation Appointments

Individual & team (duo) consultation appointments are refundable or transferrable if they are cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment. Any cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment are non-refundable. If a cancellation or request to reschedule is initiated by a Natural Lifemanship consultant within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment, the fee is transferrable or refundable, if you choose.

Group Consultation series are refundable or transferable only if we are notified at least 10 days in advance of the first call in the series. This is due to limited space in groups and gives us the chance to fill your slot should you be unable to participate in the calls. You are required to participate live in only 3 out of the 5 scheduled calls. Up to 2 calls may be missed and listened to at a later time via a link to the recording the group is provided.

Certification Terms

The certification enrollment fee is $99. Also required is at least one year of NL Professional membership. The enrollment fee is non-refundable. Ongoing membership is a requirement to maintain certification status. Beyond the enrollment fee, individuals seeking certification will pay-as-you-go for all required trainings and consultations. In most cases, trainings completed prior to certification enrollment do count towards requirements. Consultations must be based on actual work with clients completed during certification.

NL Connection Kits

The NL Essential Connection Kit, NL DIY Connection Kit, NL Rhythm Bell Connection Kit and the NL Drum Connection Kit are non-refundable and non-returnable.