It’s Time To Go Deeper With the NL Intensive

Building Upon the Fundamentals of NL through deeper personal growth, deeper practice, deeper relationships.

Healing begins with us.
Healing begins within.

Healing image

There is a tangible need for healing around
the world.

A growing awareness that healing begins inward.

As people search for answers, you have the opportunity to provide your clients with a unique and powerful approach to trauma-informed care—through the use of Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning.

The Fundamentals training provided you with extensive knowledge and a solid foundation for using the Natural Lifemanship principles.

Now it’s time to go deeper into your own personal growth, embody this unique and powerful practice, and build on your relationship with yourself, your clients, and your horses.

The time for healing is now.

NL Intensive Training:

This training is FULLY Virtual with In-Person Options!

What: Natural Lifemanship Intensive
Where: Online, structured, semi self-paced course
Why: Equine Assisted Services (EAS) requires a deeper understanding and “feel” of the practice.


2024 Training Dates:

  • March 25th to July 15th
  • August 12th to December 6th

Registration is not yet open, but you can buy a voucher now and use it when registration opens for either of the training dates in 2024. Registration generally opens two weeks before each training begins.

This Extensive Training is for You if…

Exclusive Training
  • You want to learn more deeply how your own attachment and trauma history impacts your work.
  • You’re ready to learn how to more effectively facilitate sessions.
  • You long to embrace and embody the nuance of relationship building between you, your horses and
    your clients.

What makes this training life-changing?

Online training doesn’t mean
cutting corners.

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Here’s how we deliver results.

Video Lessons

15 weekly modules including several lessons which may have videos, reading assignments, and quizzes.

1:1 Feedback

Receive personalized feedback from our instructors as you learn to embody the practice of EAP/L using the NL principles.

Personal Development and Healing

Explore your own attachment and trauma history—and learn how your personal healing directly affects your clients’ healing.

Community and Dyadic Learning

Build connected relationships with other practitioners through zoom classes and your small group forum. Peer review and support is an integral component of learning in this course.

LIVE Zoom Calls and Office Hours

Throughout the 15 week training, you’ll learn and practice through eight LIVE zoom classes—and have three opportunities to attend office hours and ask instructors questions.

Hands-On Experience

Practice what you’ve learned either at home or in person; submit videos for personalized feedback. Add on our optional in-person practicum for guided practice with our team of trainers.

No Travel Required

With our virtual teaching experience, you avoid the expense and time it takes to travel to an in-person training, unless you choose to attend our in-person Intensive Practicum.


Completing this training makes you Natural Lifemanship Trained Level 2 and fulfills one of the requirements of certification, should you choose to pursue it.

Choose Your Intensive

Foundations: $999

  • 15 weeks of weekly video lessons and assignments (approx. 2.5 hours per week)
  • Training group forum
  • Optional office hours; No required meetings (Zoom classes are not included)
  • The Natural Lifemanship Manual (PDF download)
  • 36 CE credits are available
  • Requires Intensive Practicum add-on IF you prefer an in-person training component and want to pursue certification

Option 1 is best for you if you:

  • Do not have access to a horse
  • Are not currently seeking certification
  • Want to become “NL Trained Level 2” (same as the Core option), but prefer to do the experiential work in-person by attending the Intensive Practicum instead of submitting video assignments
Horse Training image

 Core: $1499

  • 15 weeks of weekly video lessons and assignments (approx. 4 hours per week)
  • Training group forum
  • Optional office hours
  • The Natural Lifemanship Manual (PDF download)
  • You are required to attend eight 1.5 hour LIVE zoom classes with the instructors and other training participants. Calls will be held every other week on Tuesday evenings from 4:00 – 5:30 Central or Friday mornings from 10:00 – 11:30 Central.
  • Learn through a rich process of peer review, connection, and support
  • Weekly practice with a horse is required
  • Each student gets two zoom calls with one of the instructors to go over video assignments
  • 62 CE’s are available
  • NL Trained Level 2 Badge to use in marketing materials
  • Brings you one step closer to NL certification
  • Spots are limited!

Option 2 is best for you if you:

  • Have regular access to a horse
  • Are currently seeking certification or plan to in the future
  • Prefer to do all of your learning online, including video assignments

Approved Training Provider

Registration opens on July 29th, 2024!

Which option should I choose?

Option 1

Option 1

Foundational Intensive

In this extensive training you will profoundly deepen your connection with self and others through somatic interventions, attachment based facilitation, and the practice of trauma informed care.

This training is best for those who may not have access to horses, are not pursuing certification, or prefer to complete their experiential work in-person by adding on the Intensive Practicum. This training does not count towards certification requirements unless you add-on the Intensive Practicum (additional cost).

Option 2

Core Intensive

This training is designed for people who have regular access to horses, want to pursue NL certification, prefer to do their learning 100% online, thrive learning through peer support and in community, and plan to integrate EAT/L into their own healing practices by living, breathing, and embodying the Natural Lifemanship principles.

Option 2

There are THREE ways to complete the experiential work required for those seeking certification or wishing to claim that they are NL trained (Level 2)

At Home Experience

At Home Experience (Requires a horse):
Participate in LIVE zoom classes, complete several video assignments and receive feedback and guidance from other students and seasoned NL trainers. Sign up for Core.

In-Person Experience

In-Person Experience (Additional cost):
Attend one of several 3 day in-person practicums throughout the United States and practice your skills and knowledge with real-time guided feedback from highly skilled and deeply intuitive NL trainers. Sign up for Foundations + Intensive Practicum.

At Home and In Person

At Home AND In-Person Experience (Additional cost):
NOT required for certification and available to those who wish to dive deep and get the most experience possible! This group participates in all LIVE zoom classes, submits video assignments, and THEN attends the 3 day in-person practicum. Sign up for Core + Intensive Practicum.

Want to go deeper in your learning?

We understand the power of connection through in-person experience.

In addition to the Natural Lifemanship Intensive, we’re giving you the opportunity to experience deeper connections and relationships with humans and horses, under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

This optional add-on enhances your skills and knowledge by providing hands-on practice with ground work, mounted work, rhythmic riding, and real-time feedback and support from our hand-picked, highly skilled, and deeply intuitive NL trainers. As your confidence and competence utilizing NL principles and techniques grows so will your impact in your community!

For those who wish to train in person, we offer Intensive Practicums throughout the year that are hosted at our breathtaking partner sites scattered throughout the country. Each practicum has limited availability to allow for safe distancing. Listed below are the locations and dates to help you choose the most convenient for you.

When you add-on the optional Intensive Practicum during the registration period, you will SAVE $100.

This brings the price down to $799! Simply choose either the Foundations or Core option and add the Intensive Practicum to your cart before checkout. You will receive a $100 discount off your entire purchase and will be sent a coupon so you can sign up for the practicum of your choosing at a later date.

2024 Intensive Practicums

Trainers may be subject to change

More information about upcoming Intensive Practicums can be found here.

Where does each option fit on my path to NL certification?

These are ONLY the trainings required for each “NL trained” level. Please note that NL certification has other requirements in addition to training.

What Will I Learn?

Week 1 of 17

Attend the orientation and get set up in the course and community

Week 2 of 17
  • Zoom Class for Core students: Connecting with and listening to your body
  • Consent and THIS horse Part 1
  • What is a Partnership?
Week 3 of 17
  • Consent and THIS Horse Part 2
  • Consent and THIS Horse Part 3 (optional)
  • Self in Session
  • NL Facilitation – Process Oriented, Rather than Task Focused
Week 4 of 17
  • Zoom Class for Core students: Exploring Neural Streams throughout the Body; Increasing Our Somatic Vocabulary; Practicing Somatic Interventions
  • “What does that mean?” An Empathetic Approach to Observing Horse Behavior (optional)
  • Natural Lifemanship is Secure Attachment in Action (optional)
  • Equine Essentials
  • Mindfulness is a way of being
Week 5 of 17
  • Office hours for Foundation and Core students
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: The Signs and Symptoms of Dissociation Part 1
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: The Signs and Symptoms of Dissociation Part 2
  • When Dissociation Looks Like Cooperation
  • Six Signs my Horse May be Dissociating or Submitting Instead of Choosing to Cooperate
Week 6 of 17
  • Zoom Class for Core students: The Somatic Experience of Connection
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: The Signs and Symptoms of Dissociation part 3 (1.5)
  • The Meaning of Connection
Week 7 of 17
  • The Complexity of Touch
  • Exploring Handedness, Flight Zones and Intimacy Barriers in Humans and Horses Part 1
Week 8 of 17
  • Zoom Class for Core students: Utilizing Field of Vision and Eyesight to Regulate and Connect; Exploring Handedness, Flight Zones, and Intimacy Barriers with Humans and Horses Part 2
  • Introducing Tools and Tack with Consent and Connection
Week 9 of 17
  • Office Hours for Foundation and Core Students
  • Trauma Informed, Somatic, and Attachment Based Facilitation
  • Attachment Styles and Earning a Secure Attachment
  • Identifying your personal attachment style
Week 10 of 17
  • Zoom Class for Core students: Regression, Attachment, Movement, and Anchoring From Your Core
  • Regression and the Inner Child
Week 11 of 17
  • Playfulness IS the treatment
  • Connected Horsemanship Part 1
Week 12 of 17
  • Zoom Class for Core students: Brain Gym, Movement, and Tapping to Regulate; Addressing Behaviors in the Part of the Brain in Which They Occur
  • Connected Horsemanship Part 2
Week 13 of 15
  • Connected Horsemanship Part 3
  • Rhythmic Riding with Consent and Connection
  • Is my Client Ready for Mounted Work?
  • Assessing For and Addressing Balance Issues
  • Assessing For and Addressing Dissociation
  • Connection While Mounted
  • Getting Started with Rhythmic Riding
Week 14 of 15
  • Zoom Class for Core students: Top Down-Regulation, Integration, and the Breath
  • Giving a leg up, side-walking, and the emergency dismount for practitioners and therapists
  • Regulation, Connection, and Integration through Rhythmic Riding
  • Preparing Horse and Person for Trauma Processing (optional)
Week 15 of 17
  • Office Hours for Foundation and Core Students
  • Balance, Posture, Attachment, and Trauma Part 1: Moving Beyond “Shoulders back, heals down and toes up!”
  • Balance, Posture, Attachment, and Trauma Part 2: Moving Beyond “Shoulders back, heals down and toes up!”
Week 16 of 17
  • Zoom Class for Core students: Looking forward and looking back. . .
  • Detachment Doesn’t Have to Mean Disconnection
  • Taking Control of Your Narrative: Assessment and Documentation in Your EAP/L Program Part 1 (optional)
  • Taking Control of Your Narrative: Assessment and Documentation in Your EAP/L Program Part 2 (optional)
  • EC-EMDR and Inner Child Work – 1.5 hours – Optional
Week 17 of 17
Wrap up assignments, complete course evaluation, and finish the course

Meet Your Principal Instructors

Tim Jobe

Tim Jobe

Natural Lifemanship CEO and Founder, Equine Professional. Over 50 years of (professional) experience building relationships with horses. 35 years of experience partnering horses with humans to promote healing and healthy relationships.

Bettina Shultz-Jobe

Bettina Shultz-Jobe

Natural Lifemanship CEO and Founder, Licensed Professional Counselor. Over 20 years experience partnering horses and humans to bring about healing, transformation, and growth. Extensive training and experience in a variety of therapeutic modalities and a passion for how horses make them all better!

Tanner Jobe

Tanner Jobe

Works with mental health and equine professionals who are learning how to effectively utilize the Natural Lifemanship model in their practices. Has a lifetime of experience working with horses under the guidance of his father, Tim Jobe, and is passionate about sharing his experience and expertise with horses.

Kate Naylor

Kate Naylor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Natural Lifemanship Certified. Studied under Tim and Bettina beginning in 2014, Teaching with NL since 2016. Former school teacher, with training in a variety of relational and experiential therapeutic modalities as well as a strong horse background.


Q: I’ve already taken the Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship. Why should I take this training too?

The Natural Lifemanship Intensive training helps you to integrate the knowledge and skills you acquired in the Fundamentals training, and put the Natural Lifemanship principles into practice. Having completed the Fundamentals, you now have the foundation needed to succeed in this more advanced training. You will delve deeper into the nuance of the horse-human relationship as you explore concepts like consent, connection, and choice.  You will learn how to take connection from the ground to the horse’s back in Rhythmic Riding.  You will learn more about how to facilitate sessions as you guide and support your clients on their journey of health and healing.  Lastly, as you grow personally and professionally, you will be one step closer to NL certification!

Q: How does virtual learning differ from in-person training?

Through virtual learning, we are grateful to provide even more education through our online teachings and resources, giving you a larger and more colorful toolbox. The Core option includes weekly LIVE Zoom classes with NL instructors so you gain a more personal experience while continuing to learn at home.

We understand that you may prefer to learn in-person, which is why we designed the Intensive Practicum. This gives you the benefits of completing your coursework from home, and having the incredible opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills face-to-face with horses and seasoned trainers following the completion of your online training.

Q. I am in the process of pursuing NL Certification. Where does the Intensive Practicum fit into my journey?

The Intensive practicum is not required for certification unless you choose to complete the Foundations option. Given the experiential nature of this work, we understand that hands-on practice is imperative. The Foundations option + Intensive Practicum provides you the opportunity to learn, practice, and experience while receiving in the moment feedback from NL trainers.

If you complete the Core option, you are not required to attend the Intensive Practicum in order to move through NL certification. The Core option allows you to learn, practice, and experience at home. You then submit video assignments and receive online feedback from NL trainers. However, the Intensive Practicum is still highly recommended given it provides you with the environment and professional support to truly test and refine your skills.

Q: Am I committed to attend class each week?

If you sign up for the Core option, you are required to attend class every other week at the scheduled time over Zoom. We understand that life happens, and you may need to miss a class or two. We will record each session so you stay on track. However, we encourage you to attend each LIVE class to ensure you get the most out of your training—as well as provide the greatest level of support to your clients.

If you sign up for the Foundations option there are no required meetings, but we encourage you to watch all videos and do all assignments to receive your CE credits and ensure you are best prepared to attend an in-person practicum if you choose this route.

Mark Your Calendar

What: Natural Lifemanship Intensive
When: August 12th – December 6th, 2024
Where: Online, structured, semi self-paced course
Why: Expand your clientbase, become Natural Lifemanship certified,
and deeply impact your practice and the world.


Registration opens on July 29th!

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