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Purpose driven learning to help people and horses through the science and art of connected relationships.

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Experience Growth.
Fulfill Your Purpose.

Following a greater call for mental health awareness, there has never been a better time to provide our communities with options for Equine Assisted Services (EAS).

At the Natural Lifemanship Institute, we have spent over a decade teaching our exclusive *TI-EAT, **TF-EAP and ***TI-EAL based Fundamentals training to mental health professionals, life coaches, equine professionals, and others in the healing professions.

Now, you can learn the powerful process we’ve developed for creating deep, connected relationships based on our unique principles—and implement it into your own life and practice.

*Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Therapy
**Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
*** Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Learning

Learn more about our terminology.

2024 Training Dates:

  • January 22 to March 22 (Registration is closed)
  • April 15th – June 14th (Registration is closed)
  • September 9th to November 8th (Registration opens Aug 26)

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Fundamentals Details

How Do Vouchers work?

You may purchase a voucher any time and use the voucher (coupon code) to register for a Fundamentals of NL training when registration is open.

Here’s how vouchers work:

  •  Buy a voucher for the training of your choice.
  • When registration opens for the training you’ve selected, you’ll be the first to know and we’ll notify you via email so you can sign up.
  • Your voucher will be good for any of the dates we offer for that training throughout 2024, so select whatever date works best for you! For example, if you purchase a Fundamentals voucher, but don’t want to use it until the last session that starts in September 2024, no problem! Generally, registration for each training opens two weeks before the training begins.

Why Take This Training NOW?

“A potent experience that will benefit anyone looking to enhance their work as a coach, therapist or an equine professional.”

Christina Stinchcomb
Airy Hill Stables (Equine Gestalt Coach)

Christina Stinchcomb

This Training is for You if…

Fundamentals Reasons
  • You want to provide clients with an effective and powerful approach to treatment.
  • You want to understand how the horse-human relationship supports healing and growth.
  • You want to evolve your life and practice, but cannot travel to do so.
  • You want a deep refresher training on the principles of Natural Lifemanship.

What participants are saying

Online training doesn’t mean
cutting corners.

Fundamentals Online

Here’s how we deliver results.

Video Lessons

8 weekly modules including several lessons which may have videos, reading assignments, and quizzes.

1:1 Feedback

Receive personalized feedback from our instructors to better discover your patterns and behaviors, and test your skills.

Skill Building & Embodiment

Build critical skills as you embody compelling material focused on trauma, brain development, attachment, ethics, horsemanship, and more.


Deepen your understanding and build stronger relationships among participants through your training forum and small group forum.

Office Hours

Throughout the 8 week training, you’ll have three opportunities to attend office hours and ask instructors questions.

Hands-On Experience

Practice what you’ve learned either at home or in person; submit videos for personalized feedback. Add on our optional in-person practicum for guided practice with our team of trainers.

No Travel Required

With our virtual teaching experience, you avoid the expense and time it takes to travel to an in-person training, unless you choose to attend our in-person Fundamentals Practicum.

Get Certification Ready

Completing this training makes you Natural Lifemanship Trained and fulfills one of the requirements of certification, should you choose to pursue it.

Choose Your Path


Get a deep introduction
or a refresher


  • 30+ hours of video lessons and reading assignments
  • Training office hoursTraining forum
  • The Fundamentals Manual (PDF download)
  • 30 CE credits
  • Requires Fundamentals Practicum add-on IF you prefer an in-person training component and want to pursue certification.

Option 1 is best for you if you:

  • Do not have access to a horse
  • Are not currently seeking certification
  • Want to become “NL Trained Level 1” (same as Core), but prefer to do the experiential work in-person by attending the Fundamentals Practicum instead of submitting video assignments


Expand your journey to healthy connections


  • 30+ hours of video lessons and reading assignments
  • Training office hours
  • Training forum
  • The Fundamentals Manual (PDF download)
  • 35 CE credits
  • Screencast personal feedback on 2 video submissions
  • NL Trained Level 1 Badge to use in marketing materials
  • Brings you one step closer to NL certification

Jumpstart Bundle

Jumpstart certification while saving time & money

$1299 (valued at $1550 if purchased separately)

  • 30+ hours of video lessons and reading assignments
  • Training office hours
  • Training forum
  • The Fundamentals Manual (PDF download)
  • 36 CE credits
  • Personal consultation on two video submissions
    via Zoom
  • NL Trained Level 1 Badge to use in marketing materials

Option 3 also includes completion of the following requirements towards certification:

  • Fundamentals of NL Training
  • Attachment/detachment video assignment and feedback (Valued at $150 and 6 hours of your time!)
  • One individual consultation requirement (Valued at $150)
  • Annual certification fee which includes one year of NL membership, a practitioner listing on our website, and the CE hours needed to maintain your certification. (valued at $375)

Approved Training Provider

Which option should I pick?

Fundamentals Option 1

Option 1

Foundational Fundamentals

This is a comprehensive introduction to NL for those who may not have access to horses, will not be pursuing certification, or prefer to complete their experiential work in-person by adding on the Fundamentals Practicum.

This training does not count towards certification requirements unless you add-on the Fundamentals Practicum (additional cost). If you are completely new to Natural Lifemanship or it’s been a while since your fundamentals training, and you need a refresher this training is designed for you!

This option is best if you:

  • Do not have access to a horse
  • Are not currently seeking certification
  • Want to become “NL Trained Level 1” (same as Core), but prefer to do the experiential work in-person by attending the Fundamentals Practicum instead of submitting video assignments

Option 2

Core Fundamentals

This training is designed for people who have access to horses and who want to be able to say they are NL trained. If you are interested in expanding your journey to healthy connections in the future, completing this training can be applied towards certification requirements.

Fundamentals Option 2
Fundamentals Option 3

Option 3 >> BEST VALUE!

Certification Jumpstart Bundle

Immerse yourself in the full package and jumpstart the certification process! Not only does this training count toward more of the certification requirements, it also comes with a bundle deal including a one-year NL membership, certification fees, and two personal face-to-face consultations on Zoom–all of which are required for certification.

You will get a practitioner listing on our website so that clients can find you. You also fulfill one video assignment and one consultation which are both part of the requirements for certification.

This bundle is the very best way to save if you’re considering certification. If you purchased each item in the bundle separately, your total investment would be $1550. By getting the bundle, you pay only $1299 — a savings of $251!

NOTE: To review the full cost and commitment to complete your certification, please visit https://naturallifemanship.com/certifications/. The Jumpstart Bundle gives you a great start, but there are additional costs and requirements.

There are THREE ways to complete the experiential work required for those
seeking certification or wishing to claim that they are NL trained.

Fundamentals at Home

At Home Experience (Requires a horse):
Complete several video assignments and receive feedback and guidance from seasoned NL trainers. Sign up for Core or Jumpstart.


Fundamentals In-Person

In-Person Experience (Additional cost):
Attend one of many in-person practicums throughout the United States and practice your skills and knowledge with real-time guided feedback from highly skilled and deeply intuitive NL trainers. Sign up for Foundations + Fundamentals Practicum


Fundamentals Hybrid

At Home AND In-Person Experience (Additional cost):
NOT required for certification and available to those who wish to dive deep and get all the experience possible! Sign up for Core or Jumpstart + Fundamentals Practicum.

Want to Attend an In-Person Fundamentals Practicum?

The Fundamentals Practicum is an unforgettable training experience that allows you to expand your abilities through hands-on work with horses utilizing the Natural Lifemanship principles.

You will work directly with seasoned NL professionals, who will provide in the moment feedback and guidance—to ensure you feel confident in your work.

We are currently offering the following Fundamentals Practicums through the fall that are hosted at our partner sites scattered throughout the country.

When you add-on the optional Fundamentals Practicum Voucher during the registration period, you will SAVE $50.

This brings the price down to $649! Simply choose either the Foundations, Core, or Jumpstart option, view your cart, and add the Fundamentals Practicum Voucher to your cart before checkout. You will receive a $50 discount off your entire purchase and will be sent a coupon so you can sign up for the practicum of your choosing at a later date.

2024 Fundamentals Practicums

Trainers may be subject to change

Natural Lifemanship Headquarters in Brenham, TX

April 20-21, 2024

Horse Sense of the Carolinas
Marshall, NC

Trainers: Shannon Knapp and TBA

Natural Lifemanship Headquarters in Brenham, TX

May 4-5, 2024

Natural Lifemanship Headquarters
Brenham, TX

Trainers: TBA

2024 Summer & Fall Trainings

More information about the lineup for training, practicums, immersions, and retreats for Summer and Fall 2024 can be found here.

Where does each option fit on my path to NL certification?

These are ONLY the trainings required for each “NL trained” level. Please note that NL certification has other requirements in addition to training.


What: Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship
When: Registration for our next cohort opens in August 26, 2024
Where: Online, structured, semi self-paced course
Why: This training is the first step towards creating a world where connection and the value of healthy relationships is seen and felt in everything we do.

Not sure if this is right for you?
Here’s what people are saying…

“I admit, I was optimistic but skeptical at first, if the virtual training option would be a good fit, and would provide me with a clear understanding of the Natural Lifemanship principles, and how to apply them. However, after just the first week, I knew I made the right choice.”

Sarah Machold, LMSW
Supervisee in Social Work

Sarah Machold
Jenna Vissell

Where knowledge meets intuition and connection
“Natural Lifemanship training allowed me to expand my knowledge as a practitioner, trust my intuition, and deepen my feelings of connection in my own body. It was like fitting an integral puzzle piece to my practice.”

Jenna Vissell
MA Mental Health Practitioner,
Stable Living, LLC

A strong foundation, with or without horses
“I came into this training with zero knowledge about horses. I had never even been on one (still haven’t)! As a therapist, this training was so helpful in building a strong foundation for any work I do in the arena!”

Lauren Ball, LCADC, LCSW

Sarah Machold

What Will I Learn?

Week 1 of 10

Attend the orientation and get set up in the course and community

Week 2 of 10
  • Introduction
  • Origins of Natural Lifemanship
  • Our paradigm
  • Trauma and brain development (Session 1 of 2)
  • Q&A
  • Building connection through attachment
  • Connection in the face of resistance
  • When two cultures collide
  • Office hours (Session 1 of 3)
Week 3 of 10
  • Trauma and brain development (Session 2 of 2)
  • Building connection through detachment
  • Attachment and detachment in your sessions
  • Spiritual intimacy grows with connection through detachment (optional)
  • But I miss the caterpillar (optional)
  • Animal welfare issues are clinical issues
  • Difference between setting boundaries and having boundaries
  • Preparing for your practical assignment
Week 4 of 10
  • Bottom up regulation
  • Connecting with your body
  • Ways to increase pressure and body energy
  • The use of tools
  • Case Studies on the use of tools
  • This too shall pass
  • Assignment: Submit video #1
Week 5 of 10
  • NL is Secure Attachment in Action
  • “What does that mean?” An Empathetic Approach to Observing Horse Behavior
  • Haltering with connection
  • What if the horse doesn’t consent to the session
  • Horse arousal continuum
Week 6 of 10
  • Why Horses? The answer to this question is EVERYTHING!
  • Support versus rescue
  • What does it really mean to do attachment work?
  • Office hours (Session 2 of 3)
Week 7 of 10
  • Preparing for your practical assignment follow up video
  • Preparing Horse and Client for (mounted) Trauma Processing
  • Why do we Ride Horses in Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?
Week 8 of 10
  • Trauma Informed Care is for Everyone
  • Role of the EP in Natural Lifemanship therapy sessions
  • Ethics specific to this work
  • Qualified to counsel
Week 9 of 10
  • Three Group Consultation Recordings: Compelling Case Studies
  • Submit your final video by the end of week 8 and receive feedback by the end of week 10
  • Office hours (Session 3 of 3)
Week 10 of 10

Wrap-up assignments, complete the course evaluation, and finish the course

Meet Your Principal Instructors

Tim Jobe

Tim Jobe

Natural Lifemanship CEO and Founder, Equine Professional. Over 50 years of (professional) experience building relationships with horses. 35 years of experience partnering horses with humans to promote healing and healthy relationships.

Bettina Shultz-Jobe

Bettina Shultz-Jobe

Natural Lifemanship CEO and Founder, Licensed Professional Counselor. Over 20 years experience partnering horses and humans to bring about healing, transformation, and growth. Extensive training and experience in a variety of therapeutic modalities and a passion for how horses make them all better!

Tanner Jobe

Tanner Jobe

Works with mental health and equine professionals who are learning how to effectively utilize the Natural Lifemanship model in their practices. Has a lifetime of experience working with horses under the guidance of his father, Tim Jobe, and is passionate about sharing his experience and expertise with horses.

Kate Naylor

Kate Naylor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Natural Lifemanship Certified. Studied under Tim and Bettina beginning in 2014, Teaching with NL since 2016. Former school teacher, with training in a variety of relational and experiential therapeutic modalities as well as a strong horse background.


Q: How manageable is the coursework?

We are committed to providing you with an accessible and convenient training experience. Virtual learnings are cutting-edge training opportunities that are simple and concise, even for first-timers.

The online class setting is designed for easy navigation through a click, watch and response technique after each video. You will upload your practice videos using sources like YouTube or Google Drive and then paste the link to your video in the online classroom forum.

This course is semi-self paced. What that means is we provide weekly assignments and final deadlines and you set the pace from there.

Technical support is available for those moments when you need a bit more guidance.

Q: How many meetings will you need to attend live?

None! We hold voluntary Office Hours that are live on zoom, but all other coursework and resources are available on demand.

If you select the Jumpstart option, you’ll set up Zoom calls with your instructors to go over your video assignments. This will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time.

Q: What if I just want to take the Fundamentals Practicum?

Our NL training programs are strategically designed to equip you for success. So that you can effectively implement your training for the purpose of supporting others on their healing journeys.

Therefore, we require that all of our students who wish to work with our horses in-person, and gain guidance from our professional trainers, have a solid foundation of the Natural Lifemanship principles by completing at minimum, the Foundations course.

Q: I can't take videos of my clients. How will I complete this course?

We do not ask that you film your clients.

Given that the horse-human relationship is foundational to all we do, Core and Jumpstart Fundamentals participants set out to practice what they are learning with their own horses, just the two of them.

All students, including those who take the Foundations course, get to learn from each other’s feedback. The learning is rich!

Q: I don’t do well in online classroom settings. Is there enough structure?

The journey through the Fundamentals training is a structured, semi self-paced course, with enough structure to help you get through the process at a flexible yet efficient rate accompanied by our personal support.

During this 8 week immersion of growth, you get to connect with horses, practice coursework, and spend time with trainers. We’ll be here to guide and support you while you learn how to support your own healing and the healing of others.

Q: If I choose either the Core or Jumpstart options, am I required to take the Fundamentals Practicum?

No. The Fundamentals Practicum is ONLY required for those who choose the Foundations option AND want to pursue NL certification. It is optional for anyone who completes either the Foundations, Core or Jumpstart and prefers to enhance their virtual training with an in-person experience.

What: Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship
When: Registration for our next cohort opens in August 26, 2024
Where: Online, structured, semi self-paced course
Why: Natural Lifemanship is composed of people just like you, who want to make this world a better place —a world where connection and the value of healthy relationships is seen and felt in everything we do!

You are taking the first step towards a life-changing experience of continual growth with the help of horses. You will leave this virtual training inspired and ready to take your new-found knowledge out into the world.

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