…Think About It

I woke up this morning and wondered what it would look like if our political parties used the principles of Natural Lifemanship to interact with each other and to do business. Think about it.

What if each party attempted to meet both their own needs and the needs of the other party?

What if each party cared about and worked for compromise and equality in their partnership?

What if each party truly understood that if it is not good for both parties, it ultimately is not good for either party? What if they responded appropriately when the other party “moved their feet”?

What if each party created space for the other party to make choices that are best for both parties? That neither party took away the choices of the other party and neither tried to control the other?

What if both were careful with their verbal and nonverbal communications with the other?

What if it were safe to make mistakes, disagree, and openly and honestly communicate ideas, needs, and beliefs?

What if each party appropriately controlled itself, and made choices using their whole brains?

What if each party respected the other party and was able to set and accept limits?

What if each party was assertive in their communication and actions and not passive or aggressive?

What if both parties were able to use the principles of pressure appropriately? That is, each party increased the pressure when the other party was ignoring. Each party maintained the pressure when the other party was resisting, and each party released the pressure when the other party was cooperating?

What would it be like?

What might we accomplish?

Rebecca J. Hubbard writes stories for children and is a master’s level licensed marriage and family therapist in Texas specializing in equine-assisted psychotherapy.  More information can be found at www.rebeccahubbardlmft.com