Our membership circle is growing—so we found a guide to help lead the way. 

Meet Clair Gose, a lifelong horse woman born and raised in Texas, who combines her love for horses, people, and organization in her new role as Natural Lifemanship’s Membership Services and Event Coordinator. 

We recently sat down with Clair and reflected on her new position with NL, her experience in working with people and horses, and what it means for her to lead our vibrant community.


Getting to Know Clair Gose


How did you come to know Natural Lifemanship? 

My sister, Kate Naylor, has been part of the Natural Lifemanship team for about a decade. She spoke often about NL’s unique principles, which gave me a lot to think about when it came to my own relationships with horses. 

Because of her experience and my own desire to form more connected relationships with horses, I took the Fundamentals course and started incorporating it in all of my work. Prior to joining NL, I was an equine sports massage therapist and worked with traumatized horses at an equine rescue. 

I was able to successfully apply the principles I learned, with the horses I worked with and experienced firsthand the value of NL’s approach. 

What was your knowledge of equine assisted services prior to working with NL?

While I had worked with horses in the past, I had never worked with them in a psychotherapy or learning realm or as a mental health practitioner. As a Reiki practitioner, I focused more on body work and energy work—and my perspective was purely from the physical. 

Once I delved deep enough into the physical realm, I was able to understand the impact of emotional health on the physical body and used this when focusing primarily on the horses. 

What is your role with NL? 

My formal role is event coordinator and membership services. This encompasses my love of people, horses, and organization. Before I got into my career with horses I was doing production coordinating for film and television in New York City. 

I was always drawn to roles that revolved around organization. I love taking a big mess of information, straightening it up, and telling everyone where they need to be and when. 

One of my roles with NL will be coordinating the trainings and the conference coming up in March.  (Save the Date!  We’ll be together March 22nd – 25th.)

Perhaps my favorite role is membership services. Membership has grown so much that there needs to be one contact between Natural Lifemanship and everyone who wants to learn the process. 

My job is to guide new and existing members towards the resources designed to deepen their own personal and professional work. 

How does your previous work with people and love of connection play into this new role?

My hope is to get to know our existing members who have grown so close to the NL team and open new connections to those looking to join. This is also a great opportunity for me to come in as someone who is still learning the process and connect with others who are also learning the process. 

I am not too far ahead of the new people and so I can be a direct guide, learning along the way and helping people to get closer to where they want to go. 

What’s your favorite part about this role? 

Working with the incredible Natural Lifemanship team! It honestly makes me emotional because I’ve never experienced this level of support from colleagues. This feels like a place where I can really grow, and help others grow as well. 

What does the work of NL mean to you?

Natural Lifemanship feels like the most ethical way to build relationships with horses. They seek their consent and take into consideration their thoughts and learning abilities instead of forcing them into unwanted situations. Everything I’ve learned from NL puts a different lens on the way I interact with the horses I know and encourages me to do better.


Lightning Round 


What did you want to be when you grow up? An actor or a pastry chef. 

If you could go to any city, state or country, where would you go? France—right on the Mediterranean.

What do you believe about people? Everyone has a form of genius that they contribute to the world. 

What does your ideal day look like? Get up early…have coffee….there’s always going to be a book involved…eggs benedict for brunch…time by the pool…a ride somewhere…and a steak and pasta dinner with red wine and a movie. 

Want to become an NL member and walk with Clair and the rest of the NL team? 

We’d love to welcome you. 

Visit our membership page for more information or contact us or schedule a customer service call now and we’ll help guide you.