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Stop Fumbling with Troublesome Knots and Rusty Buckles! 

Get Tim’s No-Tie Rope Halter Today!

Natural Lifemanship is proud to offer Tim’s No-Tie Rope Halter. Developed by NL Co-founder, Tim Jobe, this halter is a result of his years of experience working with people and horses.

Typical rope halters have a knot that must be tied to keep the halter on the horse. Tim’s No-Tie Rope Halter is built with a convenient slide lock that makes the halter simple to put on and remove. There are no knots to tie and no metal hardware to rust and lock up. Tim notes that those other rope halters can be a real problem when the knot gets tied incorrectly or even just pulled too tight. When that happens, it may be necessary to cut the halter to get it off of the horse. Tim’s No-Tie Rope Halter solves that problem by providing Tim’s signature slide lock mechanism that keeps the halter on while also making it very simple to remove. The halter always comes off quickly and easily!

Another benefit to this halter is that Tim implemented an eye-splice in the lead rope so that it attaches easily to the halter with no extra weight for your horses to carry on their heads and no metal to whack ’em in the chin. With a simple adjustment, the lead rope can also be made into a convenient rein so that you may also use this halter for riding. It’s easy and convenient!

The halter is made in the beautiful NL colors with decorations on the nose band, end of the poll strap, and Tim’s signature slide lock.

Tim makes these halters by hand and with love, so the craftsmanship is… well… it’s pretty good for an old-timer with arthritis. 😉

The halter comes in four different sizes with the dimensions listed in the graphic below.

Stop fumbling with those troublesome knots and rusty buckles. Get Tim’s No-Tie Rope Halter today!

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