Connected Horsemanship Training

Do you desire deeper intimacy with your horse?


Do you often wonder whether or how horsemanship - including riding and even competition - can be done with connection?


Would you like to develop and deepen your horsemanship without resorting to power, domination and control?


You’ve been asking - and now we’ve done it!

We are thrilled to introduce NL’s Connected Horsemanship training! We are bringing a horsemanship-focused training to you, no matter your level of horse experience.


Whether you are brand new to horses or a seasoned horse professional - this training has something for you!


Natural Lifemanship students regularly tell us that they desire deeper intimacy with their horse, but they wonder if things like riding and even competition can be done with connection. Can we move more deeply into the horsemanship realm without power, domination, and control? The quick answer is YES! How does one continue to deepen connection with their horse through NL relationship principles?


There are plenty of places to learn horsemanship skills - but none carry the deeply healing and consciously humane values of Natural Lifemanship. This is THE place to develop your horsemanship abilities based on NL principles - whether your partnership with horses is recreational, professional, or clinical.


Please join us for this intimate 3-day, small group training in which you will get focused and specific support no matter where you are on your horsemanship journey. Learn the principles for building a healthy and healing relationship with a horse at your level of need.


Participants will learn by watching demos and through experiential practice of ground work and riding. The primary focus will be on how to build appropriate foundations that then transfer as the relationship deepens through mounted work. Healthy connection (with consent) will be progressively built through observation, shared space, engagement, attachment, detachment, touch, communication (for stopping, going, backing up, turning, lifting feet, etc.), haltering, saddling, and mounting. There will, of course, be a focus on body awareness, body control, posture, etc. This is nuanced work as we become aware of our own regulation and intention while also noticing when our horse is giving consent through presence and deep connection.


Don’t just learn...FEEL how horsemanship can be when relationships are equitable, secure, and flourishing.

  • 3-day training
  • 6 participants with 6 horses in 6 separate spaces
  • 3 trainers
  • Bring your own horse* or borrow one from the host site
  • Sign up and immediately receive the Connected Horsemanship Course Bundle - over 21 hours of videos!
  • $1800 per person
  • Auditing available for $275 (does not include online learning bundle)
*If you bring your own horse you will need to bring Coggins, shot records, and food for your horse. Horses will live in their own round pen for the weekend where the owner will be responsible for feeding and watering their own horses, as well as cleaning the pen twice per day. The host facility assumes no liability for the safety of your livestock. You bring them at your own risk.

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