Each month, we take a moment to recognize one of our members who’s made an impact in our beloved community.

For this month’s Member Spotlight, we’re focusing on Jacque Transmeier, one of our  Fundamentals graduates who is also a trauma-informed coach and equine professional.

Learn more about Jacque’s journey, including her transformative experiences with Natural Lifemanship and how it has shaped her approach to horses and personal relationships.

Equine Roots

Jacque Transmeier’s journey with horses began long before she could walk. Born and raised in the heart of the equestrian world in the Midwest, Jacque’s childhood was filled with memories of her participating in local horse shows. By the age of three, she was already barrel racing, a testament to her lifelong connection with horses.

“Horses have been my life, my entire life,” Jacque said.

She immersed herself in the equestrian world by spending her summers with her aunt, working with horses until she was 15 years old. But during high school, Jacque chose to momentarily set aside her equine pursuits to focus on her studies and be able to go to William Woods University, where she eventually finished her four-year degree.


Charting New Paths and Finding NL

After graduating from her studies, Jacque taught hunter/jumpers for 20 years when her instructor retired.  That was when she moved from Missouri to New York to work for one of the largest hunter/jumper barns in the country.

It was a deep personal loss that served as a catalyst for Jacque’s shift in focus. In 2022, Jacque endured the passing of her beloved mother, a pivotal moment that reshaped her perspective on life and her purpose. Fueled by a desire to honor her mother’s legacy and driven by an unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact, Jacque redirected her passion toward helping veterans through equine assisted therapy and learning.

It was then that she first connected with Natural Lifemanship.

Jacque’s Insights about NL

We asked Jacque a few questions about her experience doing the Fundamentals and her insights on becoming an  NL annual member, and here are her responses.

What has changed since you took the Fundamentals Training?

“It, for sure, changed the way I see relationships. It’s made me kind of really process who I am and where I’ve been. The biggest thing for me has been relationships with my horses and other people.”

What do you love about being an NL Member?

“I think it goes beyond the membership because it’s like a family. It was truly amazing. I  reached out to Bettina and told her I was coming to NL Headquarters, and she welcomed me to the farm. They are the most genuine people, and it’s not that they just teach Natural Lifemanship. They live by it, breathe it, and set examples, which I think is one of the most important things that makes you want to try harder and do more.

And the other thing I really appreciate is I can go back and watch the videos whenever I want. I’ve watched every single one I could. Just because, you know, this will be the third time I’m going through the fundamentals videos, and I’m picking up something new every time. So the availability to just go back and watch it in our free will is just wonderful.

We’re so grateful to have Jacque as a member of the NL community. She is an integral member of our vibrant community and we love watching her grow.

If you are interested in joining our membership community, we would love to welcome you! Learn more at naturallifemanship.com/memberships.