“NL continues to be the gold standard for training in EAP and continues to show that their principles and the fundamentals align within all aspects of life and relationship.”

-Renee Bouffard, LCSW/Executive Director, Healing Hoofbeats of CT, Inc.


The reviews are in and we are over the moon!


When COVID hit, we at Natural Lifemanship were in a scramble to create a new plan for staying connected with our community.  Staying connected, and continuing to grow in ongoing learning has been possible…virtually!  


As the pandemic has continued, we’ve worked to bring our second level training, the Natural Lifemanship Intensive, to an online platform as well. We launched our first cohort in March of 2021 and, having just wrapped up, I am simply delighted to say how powerful it was for me, the rest of the NL team, and for our students – some would even call it life-changing!


“The NL Intensive training is a life-changer. Diving so deep into concepts, receiving helpful feedback about videos, and having a dyad partner helped me deepen my practice and my relationships with individuals I serve, my horses, and all my other relationship partners. I would recommend this training to anyone who works in a helping profession. Honestly, I would recommend this training to anyone who has any relationship at all. I have learned so much about myself and the world around me.”

-Terri Schanen, Equine-Assisted Skill Developer, Lessons In Harmony, LLC



“Y’all. And I don’t say y’all bc I’m from Iowa. But y’all, this is life changing.”

– Ashley Stavig


Before, the Intensive was an in-person training lasting 3 days that allowed for a group of paired up students to work with horses to deepen their learning from the Fundamentals.  Taking turns practicing the principles of NL, the pair would receive feedback and participate in discussion throughout the 3 days.  It was a fun and meaningful training, without a doubt.  


And yet, at the end of the 3 days we were always met with the same conundrum…people wanted more time to think together, learn together, and practice…but it was just SO hard for everyone to make more time to do this in person.  Putting together a virtual learning experience is tricky, especially as we work to hold true to our values of relationship and connection first.  But the NL team outdid themselves again and produced a 15 week virtual training that has been, I am thrilled to say, a HUGE success. 



As one of the instructors in this course, I have relished being able to connect with students over a whole 15 weeks through a group forum, routine office hours, and a total of 8 class meetings – while each student has been able to learn in their own time and practice, right at home. The learning has been deeper, richer, and more transformative, because students have time to step into the principles, and even apply their learning to their personal lives and relationships.




The material that is covered in the NL Intensive takes students deeper into the neuroscience, the attachment, and the ethics of this field of equine assisted services – and it does so through powerful experiences in learning and practicing with horses. 


“This course was informative, practical, and easily transferred to my work with people in my private practice, with or without horses. I highly recommend it!”

– Lydia Radke, Ancora Wellness.


Each of the 8 class meetings is an opportunity to connect, regulate, and learn new skills – as well as an opportunity to watch, pause, review, and discuss the active work that the students are doing at home. NL Intensive students come away with a toolbox of regulation skills, a depth and breadth of knowledge, and an embodied experience of how to build healthy relationships no matter where they go.  



Whether you are a therapist, equine professional, or someone in between, you will find this training can improve not only your professional development, but your personal development as well.


“Phenomenal training that helps expand therapeutic knowledge, horsemanship knowledge, and self awareness. Applies to every part of life and really gets the wheels turning!”

-Brooke Bodar, LPC


NL students remark on the changes they witness in themselves, in their horses, their families, and of course, in their clients – the NL Intensive is a transformative experience.



In our last class together, each student had the opportunity to summarize their experience with the course and I was truly brought to tears by the reflections they shared.  We wanted to stay connected with our community, even at a distance, and I really think we did it.  What an incredible group of people willing to dive in to grow as individuals and professionals…and what an exciting training to be a part of!


I cannot wait for our new cohort to begin – so we can connect with a whole new group of incredible helpers and healers in the world.  I hope to see you there!


“If you are considering taking the intensive… DO IT!!! This course was not only profoundly helpful for my sessions with clients and horses but also deeply impactful for me personally.”  


Are you ready to join us? Our new cohort is now enrolling and will begin August 23rd! 

Register here!


Still wanting that in-person experience? 

Join us at an intensive practicum as well!  

The Intensive Practicum is a 3-day in-person experience for those who have a desire for hands-on practice with our trainers to truly understand the NL approach from the inside out. Following 15 weeks of comprehensive, in-depth online learning, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into your practice with horses, and receive in-the-moment feedback from experienced NL professionals, so you can progress with confidence and competence. It takes practice to become a therapeutic presence and skilled guide.  Here’s what our students are saying about the Intensive Practicum….



“The practicum really brought the online learning information together in the most meaningful way. This was a very powerful training and one of the best trainings I have ever attended.”

-Dr. Sarah Cairns, psychologist, Cairns Therapy and Nutrition


“One of my biggest takeaways [from the practicum] was getting to practice finding the space between my own “old tapes” of either trying to control or simply walking away when I’m feeling ignored; and then practicing what to do with my internal energy and getting clear about my needs in that space. Very healing and helpful to my personal and professional life moving forward.”


Haven’t taken the Fundamentals of NL (the pre-req for this course) yet?  Registration opens soon for the Fundamentals as well!  Check it out!


Still undecided? See ALL our amazing video testimonials, here!