This year, our Interconnected 2020 conference will be virtual. This means that the speakers you watch and the workshops you participate in will be done on a computer monitor or screen. 

While this makes attending the conference more convenient, it may cause you to experience symptoms related to Zoom Fatigue—exhaustion that comes with focusing intently on a computer screen for too long. 

Don’t worry…we’ve got a plan for that!

This entire conference was designed with you in mind, and that includes avoiding Zoom Fatigue. We’re going to keep you moving, engaged, and connected the entire time! Here’s how.

Keep Moving

Many of the presentations were designed to keep your body and mind flowing through rhythm and regulation. So we highly encourage you to participate as if you were right there standing in front of each live presenter. Stand up, sit down, and keep moving! This will allow you to stay engaged and invigorated throughout the conference. 


This is YOUR time. Therefore we advise you to unplug from outside distractions during conference hours. As we would in person, we are asking you to turn off/ silence your cell phone. The more you treat your environment as you would a conference hall, the more you will receive from this life-changing experience. 

Get Grounded

Our Daily Healing Practices provide you with an opportunity to move, stretch, and connect deeper to yourself and those participating in the conference with you. We encourage you to attend each morning and evening to SHIFT your mind and body’s focus from the computer screen, inward. 

Connect with Living Beings

If possible spend time with other living beings! A person, an animal, a tree––we need others to regulate. Co-regulation is a biological imperative and will absolutely combat Zoom fatigue! If you can, take moments for physical closeness with a friend, an animal companion, or in nature. A plant, a tree, your God…these connections matter so much. 

Bonus Tip 

Turn off your video or use your speaker view during the conference. Only “be seen” when you want to see your body. This can help you to shift your focus away from watching yourself, to healing yourself. 

You can turn off “self view” – turn on your camera to ensure your lighting is good, and then hide “self-view”.

Together, we will transform the virtual experience into one of greater mindfulness, connectedness, and transcendence.

There is still time to register for Interconnected 2020!  I hope you can join us!