Natural Lifemanship

Equine Essentials: Body Language, Posture, Expressions, and Movement

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Are you a therapist or coach who works with horses?

Are you a horse novice or a horse professional committed to ongoing personal and professional learning?

Are you a recreational or a competitive rider? Or do you simply just love horses?


Do you ever wonder if you are reading your horses well and understanding their body language and behaviors accurately?


There are a lot of opinions in the field about what various horse behaviors and physical cues mean; but in any relationship, and especially those with our equine companions, understanding body language and behavior is actually very nuanced.

With the EQUINE ESSENTIALS video series you will GAIN SKILL and CONFIDENCE in your interactions with horses. LEARN the ESSENTIALS to better understand, care for, and CONNECT with HORSES.

This series is ideal for all equine-assisted/facilitated practitioners and especially those who apply the Natural Lifemanship process. To offer this series, we partnered with horse trainer and riding instructor, Callie King.

Callie is an NL certification student and is the owner and  founder of CRK Training.  Through her writing and videos, she helps people better understand and connect with horses, as well as become more balanced and confident riders.  Her teaching is very much in line with NL and geared toward novice AND advanced horse people, alike. We feel her work is SO good, so nuanced, and so balanced, and that she provides the foundational horse knowledge essential to all who engage in equine facilitated work.


There are TWO ways to get the series! As with our other online courses and videos, they are FREE to Natural Lifemanship Members! If you have an active Natural Lifemanship Membership at either the Basic or Professional level, simply visit our online learning page to view the entire video series. Learn more or become a member.

If you are not a member and you do not wish to become one at this time, or if you wish to purchase the course for others, you may purchase it for only $49. After purchase, you or any user you assign will have immediate access to an online course that has the complete video series. There are 9 videos, including:

  1. Introduction to basic horse body language
  2. Horse body language when a request is made
  3. Horse body language during attachment and detachment (with horse, Annie)
  4. Horse movement as part of body language
  5. Horse body language during attachment and detachment (with horse, Buck)
  6. How to differentiate between appeasement and connection
  7. Possible horse behaviors that could be dangerous
  8. Specific areas of the horse’s body to notice when reading body language and understanding pacifying movements
  9. What the horse is designed for, as a species, and how the human “management” of horses can affect their behavior



Horse body language when a request is made

Length: 8 minutes

In this video you will be able to observe how a horse (Annie, in this case) responds when she feels the pressure of a request.  Of particular importance, is noticing this horse’s baseline…

Horse movement as a part of body language

Length: 7 minutes

In this video you will learn how to predict which direction the horse is going to move, moment to moment, so that you can keep yourself, and the horse, in…