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Distance Doesn’t Have to Mean Disconnection (1 CE Credit)

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This webinar is the fourth in a series entitled: Survive + Thrive = SurThrive! An NL Webinar Series for Navigating the Pandemic.

It offers 1 CE credit hour.

More than ever, the foundational NL principle of connected detachment is vital in our world and in our work:  Secure attachment is built when we can feel an internal sense of connection through physical closeness and through physical distance.

In this webinar Bettina Shultz-Jobe, NL Co-Founder, will expand on what was taught in her previous webinar (3rd in the SurThrive series) – Doing Attachment-Based Work Through Telehealth.  In this previous webinar she discussed primarily attachment-based attunement and responsiveness.  In this upcoming webinar she will focus primarily on what Natural Lifemanship calls connected detachment – connected but exploring physical distance.

Developmentally, how is connection with distance built?  What does this look like as small children grow and how can this understanding help as we support people throughout the lifespan.  Why and how are things like exploration, distance, challenge, risk, and differentiation so important in our understanding of attachment?  As we partner with people who have attachment wounding, how do we help them feel connected to self, others, their community, and their world even when they are physically alone.  Learning will be applicable to any type of therapy, coaching, or teaching (including telehealth).

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