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Connected Horsemanship Bundle

Connected Horsemanship Course Bundle

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Connected Horsemanship Training, April 9-11, 2021, Lampasas, TX - Full Participant

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Are you an Equine Professional or an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist?

Do you work with horses to help people?

Do you own, ride, compete, work with horses in any way, or just plain love horses?

Learn how to greatly improve the quality of your connections with horses.

We have put together the best of NL teachings regarding connected horsemanship, all in one place!

This course bundle includes over 21 hours of video! Watch Natural Lifemanship experts teach and demonstrate the NL process for building connected relationships with horses, both on the ground and while mounted. Learn the nuances of connected horsemanship. The following modules are included:

  1. Connected Horsemanship 2019 Conference Workshop (7  videos) ~2.5 hours
  2. Equine Essentials: Body language, posture, expressions and movement (9 videos) ~ 1.5 hours
  3. The Complexity of Touch (8 videos) ~3 hours
  4. Relationship Basics with Frieda (19 videos) ~4.5 hours
  5. Haltering with Connection (1 video) ~.5 hours
  6. Determining if the Relationship is Ready for Riding (1 video) ~.25 hours
  7. An assortment of videos recorded on Facebook Live (9 videos) ~6.5 hours

There are multiples ways to enjoy this content.

  1. NL Membership starting at $200/year or $20/month. All of this content is immediately accessible for those with an active Basic or Professional membership plan. If you are a member, simply log in and visit our Online Learning page where you may find each of these modules as separate video series.
  2. Purchase this bundle for $199 for yourself or someone else. 
  3. Purchase each course separately. If purchased separately, these courses would cost >$300. Not recommended.
  4. Sign up for the Connected Horsemanship Training as a full participant (auditors excluded) and this course bundle is included. If you sign up for the training as an auditor, we recommend you either purchase this bundle for review or view the videos through membership. They will help you to prepare so that you may learn and gain the most from the Connected Horsemanship training.



Equine Essentials: Body language, posture, expressions and movement


The Complexity of Touch