Holy Schmoly, y’all!  The conference was even better than I had imagined. And my imagination is pretty darn good!


It was our intention to create a virtual experience that guided us deeper into our bodies, minds, and souls. Revealing just how interconnected we really are.  


And guess what? WE DID JUST THAT!  


Dare I say, this conference rivaled our in-person events of the past.  It’s true! And here’s how.


A couple of weeks prior to Interconnected 2020, we began to gather in a private Facebook group for conference attendees. This group built more connection than any FB group I have ever been part of.  Daily, I scrolled through the posts with tears in my eyes, as my love for our community grew stronger each day!  


In this group, we engaged in Daily Healing Practices—together.  During one of our practices, we created nature mandalas to deepen our connection to one another. Circles and mandalas are powerful symbols of community, never-ending connectedness, intentional space, and our interconnectedness with each other and the world around us.  


As members of our community created and shared them in our group, we leaned into what it truly means to connect. . . even at a distance.


ALL of the keynotes, daily healing practices, and workshops were life-changing – so much knowledge, intuition, and talent!  I can’t wait to watch the recordings for the workshops that I missed.


As we gathered each evening for our Fireside Chat, we discussed and processed the mornings’ keynotes.  What a wonderful time together. In fact, this time was so moving, we decided to continue our chats for conference attendees, while people are still watching the conference recordings! 


Which are now available until February 28th, 2021. 


Of course, when it comes to our community and Natural Lifemanship, I am admittedly a bit biased, so don’t just take my word for it.  See what other people are saying down below! 


By the way, It’s not too late to get access to the recordings! [Get them here] 

(The price goes up to $999 on November 2nd)


It’s not too late to join our private FB group!  

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AND it’s not too late to participate in our LIVE Fireside Chats!


What Are People Saying on Social Media? 


“BEST Conference I’ve Ever Attended!”


“I had my first few sessions back after the conference and I believe they were the richest, deepest sessions I have had with clients and my horses in a long time because of the new tools I learned from this conference. I can’t wait to go back and watch the presentations I missed and re-watch the others. I so very much appreciate the hard work and wisdom you all brought to this experience.  It really was the best training/conference I’ve ever been to, real life, virtual, or otherwise!  Thank you so much.”   

  • Shannon Marie


“I want to thank Bettina + Tim, and the entire Natural Lifemanship team for putting on, hands down, the best virtual conference I’ve ever attended. In other events, it feels like you are on a never-ending cascade of webinars and it’s so easy to fatigue out.  Totally opposite of my experience this weekend. The mandala making, activity + connection in the Facebook group, and my VERY favorite part, the fireside chats made it feel like we were all together. It filled my cup and I am so energized for my work at home.”

  • Ashley Decker


“Even though we weren’t all together in person physically, it felt like we were to me. And I feel that still! This was the best conference, in person and virtually, I’ve experienced.”

  • Laura Mengar


“This is the best extensive, virtual conference I have participated in during the pandemic. Kudos to the organizers, and gratitude to them and all the speakers!”

  • Amanda Ball


“This was an epic event!”

  • Sara Sherman


“Such Great Learning!”


“So much great content!  I will definitely have to go back and listen to recordings – having this at my fingertips was perfect at this point in my life!”

  • Krystal Raley


“I learned so very much! The speakers, keynotes, workshops were of amazing quality. I am in awe of the talent and expertise we were able to soak in. I can’t wait to go back through and watch the videos I missed.”

  • Ashley Decker


I want to give a big thank you to the natural lifemanship crew! It was an outstanding conference. And it’s amazing… I’ve already noticed a difference in my equine assisted psychotherapy sessions with what I’ve learned from the conference. Definitely making me a better clinician and helping me improve my relationship with my horse!!  Thank you so much!

  • Theresa Donoghue


“Loved the Fireside Chat wrap-ups!”

  • Pam Salem


“Bravo!! I am amazed at how fantastically things ran! And such a well-blended line up of interconnected sessions! What an incredible team pulling off an incredible event!!”

  • Dawn Robson


I haven’t been able to “attend” any of the events this week, but I bought a ticket with the recordings so that I can watch later with full concentration after things settle down. But, I’ve loved seeing everyone’s posts and knowing we belong to a larger community!

  • Joy O’Neal


“Y’all are unbelievable and huge love to all the horse participants, too!!”

  • Beth Sylver


“So Much Connection!”


Thank You to you this very special group of people who made this whole thing so wonderful!!!! Experiencing you all in person is life-changing.  Experiencing you all virtually was, ALSO, life-changing!!  Is it too soon to sign up for the next one???

  • Laurie Johnson


“There is nothing but acceptance in this group and safety. Thank you NL and all members for providing a much-needed sanctuary for everyone!”

  • Donna Steffey


“Today- the power of spirit and connection and authenticity filled my lungs and settled in my bones….and I recognized their presence. Nothing had changed outside of myself…Covid was still palpable in the air, injustice was still seeping deeply into every molecule of the planet, and the government was still entrenched in the need for power rather than the power of Love.

And yet, I was able to hold on in a different way. I was able to hold onto connection to myself and others in the profound and beautiful dance that has eluded me for many months . I was able to hold onto hope. I was able to see and hear and remember the divine that lives within me. The divine that lives in all of us.  I feel so very grateful. I am committed to being a part of the healing- in whatever form possible. It is my hope that includes horses and trees and music and movement and art and play…and ALL OF YOU.”

  • Carol Hollis-White


“This lovely, closing quote: ‘We are the luckiest people in the world!’ from Bettina Shultz-Jobe will linger with me forever. My deepest gratitude to every single one who made this journey beyond my wildest dreams!  Feeling full of life and love and a new sense of wonder!”

  • Beth Sylver


“When I got my #Interconnected2020 Bracelet I cried. I have felt so alone in 2020 and to be reminded with this bracelet and this conference, WE ARE INTERCONNECTED brings a sense of peaceful belonging. Thank you Natural Lifemanship for showing me what true connection is!”

  • Amy Nistor


“I have been collecting and adding pieces (to my nature mandala) during my walks each day of the conference and today it felt complete. The message “All parts are welcome” kept coming to mind. My heart and brain are feeling delightfully full as we end.”

  • Kim Buller


Even though we weren’t physically together, I’m feeling connected, attuned, happy, peaceful, FILLED and cared for.  Thank you!

  • Cindy Martin


“I Finally Found My Tribe!”



“I am feeling so encouraged right now. I feel like I have finally found my tribe. Everything I have been learning with Natural Lifemanship has been in alignment with my values. I didn’t think that existed anywhere else. SO cool!”

  • Megan Theiss


“This was the best conference and interconnectedness ever! So proud to have been a part of it and this tribe.”

  • Paula Young


“Finding NL was like finding the words for what I always felt and knew in my heart about this work. NL gave me the principles and the confidence that I was on the “right” track. I am so honored to be a part of this community with some of the most amazing + loving + incredible + generous humans I’ve ever met. I also know, for my own health and heart, I can’t ever go so long without connecting with you all again. And I cannot wait for the world to open up again (safely) to attend some trainings in person!” 

  • Ashley Decker


“After rejoining this community and learning so much during this conference, I am re-energized. All I have to say to the world is watch out because I’M BACK!!!!!!  

Thank you Bettina Shultz-Jobe and Tim Jobe and the rest of the team for putting together such an incredible experience. I can’t wait to see what the next steps on this crazy journey of life are, but I do hope they bring us closer together again.”

  • Alyssa Rowe


“I am feeling so energized and renewed after having attended several sessions of this conference over the past several days. This morning I’m wanting to tune into a meditation and hear another inspiring keynote and enjoy the fireside chat that invariably takes place, so already missing gathering together.  I’m new to this community, having started in the Virtual Fundamentals course in September, but I’m here to stay. The authentic healing presence you all share so freely is truly infectious in a very co-regulating way. Blessings and peace to all of you for a wonderful week.”

  • Greg Smith


“I’m a dog trainer and behaviorist and I am just LOVING learning about NL. It aligns with everything I’ve been sharing with my clients in order to better their lives through their relationship with their dog, not pain, control, and intimidation.”

  • Briana Stringer


“Virtual was Ideal!”


COVID aside, I probably would not have been able to travel to attend this conference had it been in person. I have so much gratitude for this virtual event. Thank you for the effort and spectacular outcome in finding a new way to facilitate the conference.

  • Brenda Turner


As a person who lives remotely (Alaska) this was the perfect opportunity for me to join in. I love NL and would love to pursue it more, but as a hobby attending in person is hard to justify financially. You folks did an amazing job. I can’t wait to watch the videos to soak it all in!

  • Ingrid Varenbrink


“I am one of those who never had the camera on. Just want to say there is something amazing about participating in a conference in your pajamas while in bed with the dogs and cats snuggled up. And participating in a conference while on a 3-mile walk and while doing ranch chores. Not having to pay for travel and hotel is also really awesome, as were the quality of the videos and tech support!”

  • Martha McNiel


“I so much LOVED being able to attend this conference via zoom! It was so much more affordable to not have to pay for transportation and a hotel room.  Best conference ever! I’m now looking forward to attending the Fundamentals of NL in 2021!”

  • Jennifer Sutherland


“We are like the stars. Working individually to shine a bright light for ourselves and our clients, while working alongside our fellow practitioners to light up the night sky with hope, possibility, and resilience”.


~ Bettina and the entire Natural Lifemanship team