She feels as if she’s flying, the wind whipping at her face,

The movement underneath her offers peace and grace.

Her eyes tear and tingle by flowing mane and tail, as her horse takes her swiftly up the rocky trail.

His hoofbeats are steady. The rhythm sure and true. It’s something she can count on, a feeling all too new.

Exhausted yet excited she brings him to a walk.  As they both inhale deeply to God she starts to talk.

Her horse soon relaxes, steady on the reins as she speaks to the Lord about her fears and pain.

She screams loudly. Shaking her fist in the air. Wondering boldly does God not even care?

Yet her horse stays steady never missing a beat.  Ears forward and ever ready on his sure and sturdy feet.

As the trail widens and he eases to a trot, the girl looks up and wonders about her sorry lot.

She exhales deeply as she sits across his stride. She is thankful for this moment and is grateful for this ride.

As her burdens are lifted with each clip clop of his gate, she has time to re-examine and to understand her fate.

While people often let her down, look through her greatest need, he has always been her truest friend, this loyal, trusty steed.

He lowers his head and takes a breath, exhales a mighty sigh, and with ears that listen for dangers call, he hears his mistress cry.

She cries for all the worry, the words she’s left unsaid, the anger, fear and furry—emotions she so dreads.

Now, finally spent and empty she turns and rides for home, able to enjoy the quiet and not feeling so alone.

She notices the landscape as if for the first time, the hues of the beautiful sunset, the warmth of the fading sunshine.

Her horse senses the difference and pauses for a bite, no longer feeling anxious he has lost his need for flight.

Together they are a picture standing on this hill and no one else would notice his therapeutic skill. 

 The ease at which he is able to rectify her course,, and there-in lies the beauty of a lone girl on her horse.


This poem is a special contribution from Kelli Adams of the Barnabas Horse Foundation. Thank you Kelli!


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