Who is eligible for these programs?
PATH No education level is required to be a Therapeutic Riding Instructor or the equine expert in partnership with a therapist (mental health, occupational, physical, speech, etc.)
AHCB Licensed or certified to practice as a: Physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, occupational therapist, occupational therapist assistant, or speech and language pathologist *one year of full time or the equivalent (2,000 hours) experience in this field is required
EAGALA *Mental Health Professionals *Equine Professionals *must be partnered A third option is available for other students or professionals (must be a third partner to MH and ES)
University of Denver Mental Health Professionals Mental Health Graduate Students
Herd Institute Mental Health professionals Life coaches Educators Organizational Leaders Trainers Human Resource Professionals
Natural Lifemanship Institute Mental Health professionals Life Coaches Educators Equine Professionals Non-MH Therapists like PT, OT, etc. Alternative Healing Practitioners Anyone interested in trauma-informed practice (medical professionals, corporate, HR, etc)