NL Certification Renewal

Once certified, to remain in active standing you must stay current with your annual certification fee (which comes with complementary membership) and complete 10 continuing education hours each year. Four of your CE hours must be with Natural Lifemanship and the other six may be completed with us or through any other professional development that enhances your practice. Your complementary NL membership provides plenty of opportunities for you to earn NL CE credits at no additional cost to you by taking the online courses that are available to members. Of course you may also count NL trainings, conferences, and consultations each year towards your CE requirements.

Look at the expiration date on the bottom of your certificate of completion for your basic NL Certification. Each year before your certificate expires, you will need to complete the form below to renew your certificate for an additional year. Once we review and approve your renewal, we will update your certificate of completion expiration date.

Please complete this form whenever you are due for certification renewal. Your renewal dates will apply to all levels of certification you’ve completed – Basic and Advanced, if you’ve completed Advanced.