As I ponder this Easter weekend, I am reminded that miracles happen. . . and that usually they don’t just happen.

To receive a miracle is more than passive acceptance of something wonderful.  Miracles require work. They require relationship. They require surrender.  Miracles require that the recipient of the miracle take enormous risk, and this risk, in and of itself, is transformative.  The learning and, oftentimes, deep pain that comes with the decision to risk, changes us in profound and beautiful ways. I believe miracles are the result of Divine intervention. . . absolutely!  They’re also the result of a two-sided relationship with our Creator.

The last 5 years have opened my eyes to miracles all around me.  When I see a miracle I see my Creator at work. Yes I do. I also see risk.  I see the massive vulnerability and bravery that comes with taking the risk a miracle demands.  I see years of hard work and preparation and then I see the grueling labor and love it takes to really live out our miracles.  I see belief in the impossible. I see an acceptance of our own inadequacies and need for support.

However, I have also experienced times when the Divine is ready for a miracle, but we are not.  I am learning to recognize miracles each day, and to pray for the strength, grace, and wisdom to embrace miracles offered and grieve miracles lost.

As we work in this field, I am humbled by the passion that exists among people making the world a better place for all living beings – the people with whom we work every day!  The miracles needed for our clients, our animal therapy partners, and for our businesses bring tears to my eyes. As we give and give to others the miracles needed in our personal lives is staggering.  It is my hope this Easter Monday that we all have the strength to walk in a world of miracles in a way that profoundly deepens the relationships for which we were created.

Happy Easter from our little family to yours.