Last night we hosted Rebecca Hubbard with Pecan Creek Ranch for a webinar about integrating NL principles into practice.  Natural Lifemanship is a principle-based, client-driven and  equine-guided modality.  It is a perspective, an ethos, a philosophy, as well as an approach, which means that it can guide almost any service intended to help people learn, grow, and heal.  AND it is not a specific protocol, which is sometimes a challenge for those who are new to the field.

For me, one of the biggest takeaways from our webinar last night was that learning, growth, and healing is not a linear process – it’s a layered one.

Weaving the principles of NL into your practice is something that looks different for every practitioner and healer. While your journey is your own, it is our intention and our mission to walk with you every step of the way.

We are so excited about the many tools Reccia Jobe and Rebecca Hubbard have developed to help you integrate NL principles into your practice in a way that works for you and your clients.


Pecan Creek is Offering Discounts on Their Products!

Until September 10th, NL Members and those who sign up for this cohort of the Fundamentals of NL can take 15% off all tools and products on the Pecan Creek Ranch website.

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If you have not taken the Fundamentals of NL, we would love to have you!  This training is the first step in the NL Certification process, and the place where most of our students start.  Sign up now and we’ll send you those coupon codes!


Natural Lifemanship is offering a special discount too!

We would also love for you to learn from Pecan Creek Ranch, in-person, at a Clinical Immersion, so we are offering a $75 discount to NL members and new NL Fundamentals students to attend this powerful and intimate learning experience.

During the Clinical Immersion you will have the opportunity to see Reccia and Rebecca in action – observe therapy sessions and ask questions in real-time. Your time with them is fully customized, and you can attend once you finish the Fundamentals of NL! (The Clinical Immersion can also be counted toward your NL Certification!)

Save $75 on this immersion when you register before September 10th.  Once you register, Pecan Creek will reach out so you can choose dates that work for you.  Sign up for the Fundamentals of NL or Become an NL Member and we’ll send you the coupon code for $75 off.

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I’m Drowning and Don’t Know How to Begin. . .

Remember, learning is a layered process!  Start with the Fundamentals of NL.  Purchase tools to help you integrate your learning into the work you’re doing with clients.

Keep learning.

If you can swing it, come to a Clinical Immersion.  BUT whatever you do, PURCHASE THIS BOOK!

Rebecca Hubbard and Reccia Jobe’s new book, “I’m Drowning and Don’t Know How to Begin: 26 Invitations for Exploration in Equine Assisted Services for Working with Children and Teens” is just so good!  You can get it on amazon!


We look forward to witnessing the many meaningful layers you’re building into your practice.  Thank you for doing your part to make this world a better place.