By Bettina Shultz-Jobe and Kate Naylor


We know that Interconnected 2020 will take place online. 

We also know that too many hours spent online without a break could cause serious mental fatigue. 

So, we put together this playlist of videos and resources to give your mind and body the rhythm and connection needed to regulate and learn. They are intended to be watched as “Brain Breaks” during the conference—to ensure the conference experience is rejuvenating and FUN.


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This playlist was carefully chosen to deepen your experience at Interconnected 2020. 


All of these things bring us rhythm––visual and auditory rhythm, specifically––which helps to regulate, organize, and integrate the entire brain. These videos are intended to regulate the most lower regions of the brain so that our brain and body can connect with self and others and are capable of concrete and abstract learning and thought.  With so many options you can “choose your flavor” – we hope you enjoy!

The Aviators by Helen Jane Long

Deep Breathing Shapes Animation 

Rapping Dr. Seuss

Drumming flash mob

Bob Ross painting

Relaxing music and underwater scenes

Virtual Nature Walk

Newsies live on the New York Streets

Wheel Dance

Tongue Drum Binaural Beats

Idina Menzel “Defying Gravity” 

“True Colors” by Camden Voices choir

Evolution of Dance video

Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatly

Anna Kendrick “Cups”

Family Lockdown Boogie

Funky American Woodcock

Virtual Train Ride

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, distance symphony

Acapella “I wanna dance with somebody”

OK GO “This Too Shall Pass” music video 

Frozen II “Show Yourself”

Redwood National Forest Virtual Hike

Buddhist Monk, The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” 

Jimmy Fallon, found sound, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”

Hania Rani on the shores of Iceland

Anderson Paak “Don’t Slack” music video

“The Rhythm of the Horse” by Thomas Newman

Frozen II “The Next Right Thing”

Proposal flash mob 

Crackling fireplace

Natural scenery and sounds

OK GO “I won’t let you down”


Rain Drums


We hope that this playlist sets the stage for your inner healing and the deep connections you will build at Interconnected 2020.


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