About Natural Lifemanship

Natural Lifemanship (NL) is the new standard in equine-assisted psychotherapy. As the original Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP™), NL is based on contemporary medical research that explains the physiological and psychological impact of chronic stress and traumatic insults on human development beginning in utero and throughout the lifespan. Founded on this science Natural Lifemanship views and treats psychological and behavioral disorders through a trauma lens by intentionally using horse physiology to regulate human physiology, and horse psychology to heal human psychology. In TF-EAP™ the relationship between the client and their horse is the foundation for healing and every interaction between the horse and human, whether on the ground or mounted, has a therapeutic purpose.

Natural Lifemanship is a leader in transformative adult education for those seeking to understand why relationships matter and how relationships can be built with the brain in mind. Natural Lifemanship teaches knowledge and principles that are universal and thus generalizable to people of all ages and to relationships of all types. People from all walks seek out our trainings to learn and to experience what it takes to improve the quality of their relationships. These include:

  • Equine professionals and mental health practitioners who already use horses in their work and come to Natural Lifemanship to learn specifically how to practice TF-EAP™.
  • Clinical therapists who don’t use horses and come to NL to learn and experience transformative principles that will enhance how they work with their clients in any setting.
  • Parents who come to Natural Lifemanship to gain the skills to build healthy, safe, and mutually fulfilling relationships with their children.
  • Caretakers at residential treatment facilities who wish to base their disciplinary practices on Natural Lifemanship so that they can build relationships with youth in their care while reducing the need to use restraints.
  • Teachers and school counselors who come to NL to learn how to think about and respond more effectively to children with behavioral and learning challenges at school.
  • Addiction counselors and others who work primarily with adults who wish to gain a deeper understanding of adult mental and behavioral health through a trauma-informed lens and who want to learn how the power of relationships can aid recovery.
  • Leaders who seek NL because they want to enhance the quality of relationships within their organizations.

Those who experience Natural Lifemanship often do learn horsemanship, but they learn it from the inside out instead of the outside in, and in ways that reach far beyond the round pen. NL is based on sound principles of horse and human psychology. It is not about horsemanship. It’s about lifemanship….

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