Reccia Jobe

Reccia is an expert equine professional in the Natural Lifemanship model. She is dedicated to helping individuals and families end destructive relational patterns that create generational trauma in families and societies.

Reccia Jobe

Dedicated to influencing change in the way people view their relationships with animals and nature, Reccia also focuses on life-long learning and growth in these areas and in her personal relationships as a means for better living and improved therapeutic experiences for her clients.

She enjoys finding new avenues for integrating Natural Lifemanship principles and her knowledge of brain development into therapy sessions, her own relationships, and life in general. She also loves the challenge and excitement of connecting with and training others in the Natural Lifemanship model.

While all of this work is meaningful and serious, she intentionally adds lightness and humor to therapy sessions and trainings to bring a brightened perspective to this fascinating therapeutic process. In addition to co-facilitating trainings and TF-EAP sessions, she conducts equine-assisted personal growth and development sessions, and consults and trains individuals to improve their relationships with their own horses.

Reccia contributes regularly to the Natural Lifemanship blog and uses her educational background to assist with marketing.

Quick Facts

  • Natural Lifemanship EP, trainer, and blog contributor
  • Over 9 years co-facilitating TF- EAP sessions
  • 12 years experience in therapeutic work with traumatized populations, especially youth and teens
  • Lifetime experience working with horses under the tutelage of father, Tim Jobe
  • Trained and formerly certified in EAGALA, the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, and as a ropes course facilitator