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Connector’s Circle

The Natural Lifemanship Institute is building a legacy of connection.

Will you join us?

Our Vision:  A world where connection and the value of healthy relationships is seen and felt in everything we do.

Our Mission:  To help people and animals form connected, trusting relationships to overcome toxic stress and trauma.

Now more than ever we need your financial support.  The coronavirus pandemic is a global trauma that, in many ways, affects mental health providers as much as it affects their clients.  Here at The Natural Lifemanship Institute we hold the hand that holds the hand. It is our mission to empower professionals through education and healing connection – we believe we “hold the hands” of the many professionals out there who do important healing work with others, every single day.  We join with mental health professionals, equine professionals, and coaches on a journey of personal and professional transformation and healing. This journey’s foundations are found in the horse-human relationship and the neurobiology of attachment and trauma.  Our students then join with hundreds of others (people, horses, and other animals) as they take their learning and themselves into the world, because who we are as therapists is more important than what we do. 

When you financially support just one of our students, the impact is exponential!  Join us in this legacy and help create a world where connection with self and others is more important than anything else!

After the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017 was passed, many taxpayers found that the standard deduction thresholds, which are now $12,200 for single and $24,400 for married filing jointly, are so high that their charitable contributions are no longer considered on their tax return.  This may mean that you can consider spending your charitable dollars to help someone with a Natural Lifemanship Scholarship, even though our organization is not a 501©3 charity.


Your donations are used to give our students full or partial scholarships.

  • $150 pays for an annual basic membership.  Students learn the basics of Natural Lifemanship through videos and courses.  They learn how to apply trauma informed relationship principles to to help their clients, parents, organizations, and horse lovers!  Lastly, the content will transform their relationships with humans and horses. This amount of online learning in this field is unprecedented!


  • $350 pays for an annual professional membership.  Through this membership students get premium content to integrate Natural Lifemanship plus everything available to basic members.


  • $725 pays for the Fundamentals of NL training. Help somebody transform their life and others’ lives by becoming NL Trained.


  • $1,400 pays for most of our advanced and specialty trainings, including intensives and immersions, and the annual NL Conference.


  • $4,504 pays for a regular Basic Certification (for someone who is a mental health professional, a coach, or an equine professional)  Certification includes the Fundamentals training, Intensive training, and 28 hours of consultation and mentoring while seeing clients.  So much individual support and opportunity to truly embody the NL model over about a 2 year period!


  • $4,954 pays for a dual Certification (for somebody who is both a mental health professional/coach and an equine professional). Dual certification is similar to basic certification but includes more homework assignments and even more experience with clients while receiving support through consultation and mentoring.


  • Name your own price. Every dollar counts.


Interested in applying for support from our Connector’s Circle scholarship fund?

Scholarship applications are made available and accepted once a year. We make decisions based on need, impact of the services offered, and the amount of money available in our scholarship fund.

Sign up here to be notified when the scholarship application is made available again!  We look forward to partnering with you!