Kelly M Jones

  • Founder and owner of South Wind Equestrian Center, Leander, TX
  • Natural Lifemanship certified Equine Professional and expert on horse behavior
  • Specializes in relationship work with horses and humans
  • Facilitates team-building workshops and retreats
  • Former riding instructor
  • Offers individualized coaching using equine assisted learning

Kelly experienced her first horse as a 2- year old on her great grandfather’s farm outside Fort Worth and, as soon as she could, began working at a stable, earning riding lessons. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Marketing, Kelly worked in the corporate world in the retail industry, was a stay-at-home-mom for 10 years, then rejoined the work force in 2007 while still running the ranch business. In 2013, after attending a Natural Lifemanship training and interning at a trauma-focused equine assisted psychotherapy facility for 7 months, Kelly decided to devote herself full time to the ranch and developed an equine-focused program in which humans learned amazing principles about themselves along with their knowledge of horses.

Today Kelly is an equine professional, specializing in relationship work with horses and humans. She focuses on bringing attunement both to self and to others through allowing the horses to teach and guide us through re-connecting with personal power, clear communication, healthy boundaries and accessing creativity and intuition. Kelly currently serves as an Equine Professional on multiple therapy teams utilizing the Natural Lifemanship modality of equine assisted psychotherapy with over 700 hours of working with clients. She is a facilitator of team building workshops and retreats, was a riding instructor for 18 years, owns and manages South Wind Equestrian Center, coaches one-on-one in equine-assisted learning, and is an expert on horse behavior.