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Stream Videos Take Online Video-Based Courses and Earn CE Hours While you Learn Natural Lifemanship (approved provider NBCC & NAADAC). Browse this table to see some of what is currently available to members and to enjoy select previews. To see all of our video and online course content available to members, click Online Learning in the top navigation menu.
Introduction to Natural Lifemanship Are you unfamiliar with Natural Lifemanship or eager to learn more? This is your place to start! Hear co-founders, Tim and Bettina Jobe, describe the model at the opening of the 2017 Natural Lifemanship Conference. (56 minutes) Only have two minutes? Just watch the preview!
ONLINE COURSE (15.75 CEs): Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship Natural Lifemanship is based on the science of neurodevelopment, which explains why safe and connected relationships are so integral to our health and well-being. Take this course and learn how the brain develops and adapts to promote survival; how trauma affects the brain; and how relationships heal the brain. Learn how a simple set of principles help us reorganize the brain and transform relationships. Understand how these principles are applied effectively in equine-assisted work so that the benefits of the horse-human relationship transfer readily to all of the client's relationships.
ONLINE COURSE: Rhythmic Riding Demonstration Horses help clients connect with the one who is carrying them. Their movement has a calming effect on the nervous system while at the same time offering a real relationship and opportunity for connection for both client and horse. Learn how mounted work is used intentionally in Natural Lifemanship to facilitate connection, integrate and reorganize the brain, provide bottom up regulation, and support trauma processing.
ONLINE COURSE (4 CEs): Introduction to Natural Lifemanship and Trauma-Informed Care for Organizations Learn how trauma and chronic or toxic stress, especially when experienced during childhood, impact individuals and their relationships. Learn how to help the people you serve through the knowledge of trauma-informed care and the power of connected relationships. Earn 4 CE credits through this online video course filmed at a training for an organization serving adults with disabilities. NL co-founders, Tim and Bettina Jobe, are the trainers.
Natural Lifemanship for Parents and Caregivers Seminar Watch the recording of a two-hour seminar that covers what every parent and caregiver needs to know to help children develop the ability to self regulate, make good choices, and have healthy relationships with themselves and others.
NL Therapy Process - Debra & Telly Witness an entire Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy process beginning with intake and occurring over several days of an actual intensive therapy session. Watch how the therapy team (NL co-founders, Tim and Bettina Jobe) facilitates healing and transformation for the client as she works on building a connected relationship with her horse while practicing NL relationship principles. The NL Therapy Process consists of a series of videos and commentaries by the therapy team. Episodes will be released throughout the year.
Presentations and Workshops from the 1st Natural Lifemanship Conference - October 2017 If you attended our sold out first conference in October 2017, at Miracle Farm in Brenham, TX, you may have noticed our camera crew documenting the entire weekend. Now you can relive the experience. Did you miss conference? No problem! As a member you have 24/7 access to the videos. Videos currently available include the presentations and workshops on EC-EMDR and on Mindfulness Practices to Build Connection. More to come! Check out our conference highlights by clicking the preview link.
Catching your Horse with Connection (11 minutes) Using a Go Pro placed strategically on his hat, NL Trainer, Tanner Jobe, walks us through the task of haltering a horse. Using NL principles, Tanner does this by first establishing connection and gaining the horse's cooperation before placing a halter on her and leading her into session. Enjoy the entire video by clicking the preview link!
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