Tim Jobe

Natural Lifemanship

Tim Jobe

“A sound principle is a sound principle no matter where it is applied.”

Since 1986, Tim Jobe has worked to develop and apply the unique principles of Natural Lifemanship that center around connected relationships. With a history of working with at-risk youth, Tim learned to teach horses to make the right choices because they valued the relationship, and not out of submission or fear of consequences.

Interestingly enough, this ability to make good choices in consideration of relationships was the same quality that the staff, at the Boys Ranch he worked with, desired for the kids they were raising. Thus began Natural Lifemanship—a model of relationship based on principles that transfer seamlessly between relationships with horses and relationships with people.

In 2010, Tim and his wife Bettina founded the Natural Lifemanship Institute on the principles of connected relationships—with self, with others, with horses and other animals, with our Creator, and with the natural world.

Today, he and the NL team train practitioners throughout the world on how to integrate the NL principles into their own lives and practices, and transform the lives of their clients as a result.

Tim Jobe

Get to know Tim.

  • Cowboy poet and father of 4 amazing children
  • Began the foundations of NL while working at West Texas Boys Ranch in San Angelo, TX in 1986
  • Founding board member (former member) of EAGALA
  • Over 50 years training horses and over 35 years effectively partnering horses and humans to promote healing and healthy relationships
  • Co-facilitator of thousands of EAP/L sessions serving clients with trauma histories