Laura Hutler

Steward of People & Place

Laura’s love for all that brings us closer to nature, horses and each other, undergirds her deep desire to embody and share Natural Lifemanship’s principles of healthy relationship.

Laura’s heart for teaching people to care for the natural world and all who share this space lead her to a career directing summer camp and outdoor experiential education programs for youth, adults and families.

Most recently, as the Equine Coordinator in a traditional youth camp horse program Laura began the journey of bringing Natural Lifemanship and relationship first horsemanship into a traditional summer camp horse and lesson program. She loves to share how the Natural Lifemanship principles and this program work together to positively impact the lives of both people and ponies in that sacred space.

Natural Lifemanship has given her the tools to model and teach people about attunement and healthy relationship principles within those programs. She loves helping people and ponies work through the neurosequential model to grow their own emotional, social & spiritual wellness.

Laura joins the Natural Lifemanship team, along with her husband Chip, to care for the people, the place and the natural spaces on the Home Ranch in Brenham, TX.

Laura McFarland

Get to know Laura.

  • University of WI- Stevens Point Wildlife Ecology & Biology degrees
  • Program Director for youth & adult camping programs
  • Nature and Outdoor Experiential Educator
  • Collaborative Team Development Professional
  • Lifelong learner