Beverly Walsh

Having an extensive academic and clinical background, Beverly immediately recognized the NL principles as being congruent with the behavior, learning, and attachment theories she studied in graduate school, but in a language much easier to digest and convey to others.

Beverly Walsh

The clean and simple, principle-based language of NL was able to cut through the sometimes confusing mix of behavior, learning, relationship, and parenting skills used in traditional office-based practices. Understanding that people tend to learn better experientially while noting that horses are great teachers, Beverly moved out of the office and into the pasture to help people “experience stable relationships”.

Compelled by her love of horses and her immediate respect for the Natural Lifemanship principles of connection and relationship, she completed her NL TF-EAP-C Certification in 2017 and is honored to be part of the NL training team. Beverly particularly relishes the “light bulb moments” people experience when learning about NL and TF-EAP.

Quick Facts

  • Natural Lifemanship clinician and trainer
  • Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, Texas A&M University, 1995
  • Over 20 years clinical counseling practice in Houston, Texas
  • EAGALA trained
  • Currently has full EAP/EAL Private Practice working with children, teens and families
  • Specializes in ADHD, Mood Disorders, ASD, and Parenting Issues