NL Intensive Training

Delve deeper into Relationship Logic™ and Rhythmic Riding™.

The Natural Lifemanship (NL) Intensive offers 3-Days of Intense Relational Work with an Untrained Horse. 

Natural Lifemanship (NL) Intensive is a 3-day training in Natural Lifemanship, formerly known as the “Advanced Training”. It picks up where the Fundamentals Training leaves off, teaching advanced and nuanced versions of the principles that are practically applied to clients presenting with a variety of mental health disorders and diagnoses, including but not limited to those related to histories of complex trauma. The NL Intensive provides a smaller student-to-instructor ratio and a more intimate learning environment than the Fundamentals training, facilitating accelerated hands on learning¹ and individualized instruction. Participants are paired into dyads for much of the training where they have the opportunity to practice engaging in the role of the therapist or alternatively experiencing the role of the client through the process of Relationship Logic™ and Rhythmic Riding™. At the NL Intensive, you will learn the specific self-regulation skills taught to clients in sequence, and get to experience the principles powerfully while building a relationship with an untrained horse. This experience prepares you to effectively facilitate a similar process for your clients. Finally, you will receive specific instruction and practice in working together as a therapy team, an essential component of the TF-EAP™ model.

IMG_5358Historically, horses have been taught to do the right thing because they were afraid not to. Training techniques were based on fear and intimidation. Natural Lifemanship uses humane, psychological techniques to teach horses to do the right thing because they have come to believe that cooperating with humans (rather than resisting, ignoring, or appeasing them) is the best way to get their needs met. The principles used to teach this are applicable in a wide variety of human interactions. The changes people must make within themselves to be able to apply these principles also transfer to many life situations.

Gaining an in depth understanding of the method and mechanics of building a relationship will give you clearer insight into helping your clients build functional and fulfilling relationships through TF-EAP. The benefit of using untrained horses is that you are able to learn relationship principles in their most pure form with a horse who is virtually a “blank slate” when it comes to relating with humans.

Learning Objectives

1.     Learn to use advanced NL principles and practices to enhance the therapy process with a variety of clients, including those with trauma histories.

2.     Refine your ability to work with the principles by building a relationship with an untrained horse while simultaneously learning how to guide clients through Relationship Logic™.

3.     Deepen your understanding of the NL process by experiencing the roles of therapist, equine professional, and client while practicing in dyads.

4.     Learn the specific sequence of self-regulation skills and the NL principles that are taught to clients during Rhythmic Riding™. Learn how to use “bottom-up” and “right-left” regulation to build the capacity for “top-down” (cortical) regulation.

5.     Learn how to address sensory and self-regulation issues through the use of mounted work and know how to determine when it is appropriate to integrate music into Rhythmic Riding™.

6.     Learn how to build an effective collaborative relationship with the partner in your therapy team.

7.     Gain a deeper understanding of how to facilitate a process whereby clients are able to stabilize, learn to self-regulate, address and move through past or present damaging life circumstances, understand how those circumstances affect their current interactions, and make the personal changes necessary for healthy, fulfilling relationships in the present and future.


Two auditors will be allowed at most NL Intensive trainings for a reduced fee. Auditors will be allowed to observe the training and participate in conversation, but they will not be allowed to work in the round pen with a horse or participate in Rhythmic Riding on the back of a horse. Auditing provides a unique perspective on the facilitation techniques used by Natural Lifemanship trainers. To qualify, auditors must have previously completed the NL Intensive training and must be NL Certified or currently enrolled in the NL Certification program.

The NL Intensive is changing in 2018. Read about the new NL Intensive.

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  1. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, appropriate accommodations will be provided upon request for individuals with disabilities to facilitate participation in the experiential portions of the training.